Crucial Planning Steps. For the “Daily Grind”

Hi guys!

Here are my videos for today.  This is a message that CAN’T be missed!  If you’re feeling the overwhelm in your life, business or situation, check out these videos!  Sorry there are 2, but the feed froze (wonk-wonk).  Enjoy!


My Weekly Recap #realtalk

Hi y’all!

If you’ve been following me in my FB group, Bottleneck Busters, you’ve been seeing some crazy real talk videos of what’s happening with my new store.  I give lots of advice, prayers & eye opening legit truth about the business experience.  So, here’s a little of what’s been going on & how the Lord truly showed up and helped me deal.  If you’d like to hear more of what’s going on and get some help with navigating your business or future business, be sure to join the group!  Enjoy!

Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…

Hey guys,

I haven’t actually written a post in forever.  But since little people have homework time, I decided to take the few minutes between checking math problems to give you an update.  Stuff has been a bit hectic.  Not because there was so much to do or because the tasks were hard, but because I’d fallen into that habit of not being organized.  You can’t plow through a field with a spoon!  You have to make sure you know what the goal is and get the proper tools to get the job done!  So I had to break down and create a hit list.  What’s a hit list?  Well, let me tell you…

I take a piece of paper (or my color note app) and make a list of all of the random stuff that needs to be done.  I may have to reorder because of priority, lack of tools or the time it’ll take.  It may mean moving things around to a different day.  Some of you may recognize this as the act of time management.  Yep.  More or less.

Today it was tougher because I had SO much to do!!!  I mean, I’m updating my website, paying bills, creating images, answering emails, texts and dodging phone calls (I get a lot of weird cruise offers).  A sista was tired!  I still am.  I need to get out of the house for a bit and walk around.  I know the world is out there to enjoy, but it seems I can’t see past this keyboard!  AAAARGH!!!!  I figured it out, though.  I hadn’t come up with a plan.  I needed to sort my tasks and break them down into bite sized chunks.  So…

I made my own weekly plan.  Maybe it’ll work for you!  I’ll try to keep it simple and just share the plan for my jewelry business.  Y’all pray for me.  I just made this plan so I’ll have to test it to see if it actually works for me!

Monday-plan (what I’ll be sharing for the week)

Tuesday-check inventory & add items

Wednesday-create new images (I’m currently trying Photofy-I actually paid, y’all!  LOL)

Thursday-posts & videos (create & schedule posts & make mini videos for the week)

Friday-clean (the jewelry, files from my computer, emails, subscriptions, my office, whatever)

So……this is how I’ll try to manage my tasks for The Jewelry Lady for a while.  I’ve been hearing that consistency is key for my customers, so if I can release my products on the same day of the week and post videos maybe I’ll reach a few more people and get them what they need!

Now if I’m really good at managing my time, I may be able to get ahead during the planning slot and plan for 2 weeks at a time!  Since I deal with products, this can be much more time consuming.  Does anyone else sell products and feel the same way?


Accountability Check: Are you Working on Your Business Goals?

Make lists, check off tasks, research, make connections, buy materials, keep records, settle accounts, create accounts, open accounts, close accounts, find suppliers, update records, update technology.

What are you doing lately?  Tell us!  What do you need to move forward?

Check out my video for some inspiration & tips!

Love & encouragement,


Business Tip of the Day: Does PayPal REALLY Let You Have Your Customer’s Contact Information?

Hi guys!

Just a little heads up for those of you who use the mobile card/chip readers for their business. I’ve found that even though you’re given the impression that PayPal lets you get your customer’s info after you collect it, it’s not true. If you have PayPal, you may notice that when you’re using the PayPal Here app, it gives you the option to input the customer’s information. So you think you’d be able to reference it later, right? Nope!  I’ve been searching FOR YEARS for an answer and they haven’t said anything since early this year.  Their response to all the requests to access the information that the business owner inserts hoping to access later?  Thanks, but we haven’t done anything about it yet.  They’ve been saying that since at least 2011…

Well, I haven’t found a feasible workaround besides using another company. So check out this video to see if this solution will work for you. Oh, and as always (maybe this will change in the future) this post was not sponsored by anyone. These are all my own experiences and opinions.  See ya next time!


Start or Restock Your Business for Less than $20! My Dollar Tree Reviews

Hey guys!  I know you love Dollar Tree!  If you don’t, it may be because you haven’t visited lately.  Did you know:

  • Dollar Tree now carries name brands.  YES!  3M, Elmer’s, Boogie Wipes, Palmer, Star Wars and more!
  • Dollar Tree carries the 12 pack Merita hot dog buns.  FOR A DOLLAR!
  • Dollar Tree has incredible storage and organization products that are just as good as Target for a fraction of the price.

Ok, enough jibber jabber.  Let’s get on with the reviews.  This edition is special because I want to focus on office/school supplies.  If you have a business, you know that supplies can try to suck the life out of your budget.  You’re gonna run out of something sooner or later, and it’s great to know you can restock for a buck!  Here’s what I’ve found:


These scissors are great for most purposes.  Just don’t use them if you plan on cutting a lot of cardboard.  They’re just not built for that.  Yeah, I learned the hard way…

Dollar Tree has always been awesome for organizational needs.  Here’s a list of some of their containers that are now out in spring colors! (click the link to go directly to the page)

dollar tree storage mass list


They have binder clips in numerous sizes (teeny weeny to jumbo) & they even have some with designs!  But I saw how you can take the little silver part off and spray paint them whatever color you want.  I always have a few cans of spray paint on deck.


These multicolored coated paper clips also caught my eye.  They have the clear ones, too.  Not bad for a buck!

172853 172853_v1   178451

I hardly ever run out of staples, but when I do, it’s a true emergency!  Because I have a ton around and don’t seem to use them often.  So when I’m out, it’s awful.  But 3000 for $1?  Yes!!188554

I love my paper planner & my electronic planner, but there are times a dry erase one is best.  These are cute and a great deal!


Push pins!!!  Clear & color for only $1

188651  26604

A few items from my last review!

941299.jpg 943609.jpg

Oh and here are some other things I’ve seen that definitely deserve a review.  The head scratcher/massager on the left/middle is OUTSTANDING.  PHENOMENAL.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I’m not exaggerating.  The whole family loves this thing so much I had to hide mine.  They also have their wreath forms in stock for spring.  I saw some burlap ribbon there in some nice colors for you crafters and spring door wreath lovers, too!

20150823_122541 20150823_122547  FB_IMG_1444929402922

Whew!  That was a lot.  But I still need to go to Dollar Tree to get some staple items.  You must drop in from time to time.  They’ll have the best name brand & interesting items you will pay 5-10 times the price for in other stores.  It’s worth a browse.  Who knows, you may just get hooked!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I’ll be back soon with more stuff to share!


FABULOUS Dollar Tree Finds!

Hi guys! Have I got some stuff for YOU! I found some incredible things at my local dollar tree this week and I can’t help but share. First, be aware that the SPRING COLORS are out! Yes!!! So all those gorgeous greens, terrific teals and awesome oranges are out! Not to mention the hot pink. So if you have favorite organization staples, go check out your Dollar Tree.

Ok, here’s what I’ve been finding that just amazed me.

1. Portable File boxes!!! YESSSSS! I’ve been looking for something like this forever. I got rid of my big desk in my office, which means I got rid of my storage (wonk wonk). But Dollar Tree came to my rescue! Here’s what these bad boys look like.


Awesome, right?  And even though I thought it wouldn’t be that big, this box is spacious!  It measures approximately 10¼x12¼x6″ and has a flip top lid.


I am currently housing 19 file folders in here.  About half are empty, but STILL!  19 folders and only about HALF are empty!  The box is still only half full!!  This is a steal at $1.  Now, I will say this:  they go a bit far in the description when they say the box is so sturdy that it makes hauling a load of files around easy.  Ummm….NO.  I tore mine when I was trying it out.  So I would not suggest using the holes provided.  It’s just not THAT sturdy.  Or maybe I had too much in mine (I was doing taxes  :-/  ).

So, you guys know how I cam.  I’m not going to leave this box like it is.  My office is black, white & gold.  So cardboard will never do.  I found this lovely black & white floral contact paper (that on anything else I would have hated) and covered the box.  Voila!

img_20160218_143109.jpg img_20160218_143116.jpg img_20160218_143122.jpg

I am in love!  I can put all my stuff in it and still have a ton of space.  I had to make one last upgrade.  I went all Pinterest on my box…BAM!  The attached calendar!

img_20160218_154025.jpg img_20160218_154045.jpg

I bought 2, so I may just use the other for tax storage.  I may or may not cover the box.  It depends on where I’ll put it.  Anyway, on to the next fabulous find!

2.   I don’t know about you, but growing up, there was always one of these163096.jpg foot tubs around.  That’s not what they call them at Dollar Tree, though.  They call them dish tubs.  You’ll find them by the kitchen utensils.  We use them to soak our feet!  We each have our own chair in the sitting area of our bedroom.  After a long day, nothing’s better than pulling out that foot tub for a 30 minute soak!  It’s also great for those DIY pedicures or when you have a cut on the bottom of your foot that you want to sanitize.  Alas, they only come in white.  But they fit wonderfully under a wing back chair!  With just enough space for a pair of slippers and a rolled up towel for your next tootsie soak.

3.  Dollar Tree has really stepped it up with their towels.  187208.jpgThese microfiber towels have burst on the scene in different patterns and colors.  We started upgrading our kitchen and I jumped all over these windowpane microfiber bar towels.  We only needed about 6 to have enough.  Then we found out they had dish cloths too!  Be still my heart!!

120899.jpgOh, they also have striped towels in vibrant colors for spring and summer.  I took two green ones (remember my bathroom makeover? Part I & Part II) and sewed them along the edge.  I put it in the bathroom as a guest towel.  Why?  Well, let’s just say that a regular hand towel would take a beating in the guest bath.  The kids refused to put it back the way they found it!  So instead of banishing them, I made the towel so they can’t take it off, but it’s long enough for them to reach.  I swear, it looked like they were shooting hoops with the thing.  And missing.  Horribly.

3.  Now check this out.  Dollar Tree has come out with dishcloths with scrubbies on one side!!!  187163.jpgMy husband fell head over heels.  I didn’t.  I hate washing dishes.  I mean I’d cry even if you paid me to do dishes.  Ah, the scars of being an only child!  Anyway, on to #4.

Bonus tip:  You can make it a complete set!  But I’d steer clear of the pot holders.  Get the silicone kind instead.  I burnt the ham sandwich out of myself one day with the pot holders.  But if you want to use them, they’re great as trivets.

thumb-3.jpg<—bad pot holders!              good pot holders!—–>219348.jpg

4.   Bandaids.  I’m usually not wowed by bandages, but these 217338were a pleasant surprise!  I’d been looking for those hospital grade bandaids for the little wiggly people who live in this house (husband included) and I’ve found them at a reasonable price!  I really like these because they’re fabric.  The adhesive is ridiculous!  They’re like the ones the nurses give you.  You know!  The ones that take 2 or 3 days for the glue to come off.  But that wound was covered and safe!  So if you need some, give these a try.  They have a ton of different ones in varying sizes and counts.

Ok, well, that’s all for this installment.  I have 2 other Dollar Tree reviews coming up.  My favorite is how to start your own business using Dollar Tree items.  Man, for about $20-$25 you could be fully stocked with office supplies, for a fraction of what you’d pay at an office supply store or Wally World!  So stay tuned.  Oh, let me know if there’s something you’re wondering about that I haven’t mentioned in my posts.  I want to be sure the info I share is helpful and relates to YOUR life!  Until next time, try not to kill your kids!


Business Tip: How To Know When It’s Time To Change Niches

20160103_115637 My business, The Jewelry Lady, is changing focuses. When I opened, I thought I knew what niche I was in (even though all the indicators said otherwise).  After making several (billion) attempts at advertising, marketing, promoting, etc., I finally realized what was wrong.  I hadn’t identified and stayed true to the niche I had a passion for. Don’t get me wrong, I’d made quite a few sales, and many were quite profitable. But too many were of items that were more effort than they were worth.  And my selection was all over the place so it was hard to explain to potential customers what I sold.  That’s not good.  Ever.  So I decided to do something about it!

First and foremost, I won’t be selling much sterling silver at all this year. There are 5 reasons.

1. Too much risk.
Once you finally find what you want, you have to wait for it to arrive, pray it’s the correct item, pray it’s the correct number of them, pray it’s not damaged in the mail, pray you get it in time, pray you can deliver it in time, pray it’s not damaged again in the mail when I send it to the customer & pray they get it at all. Too muuuuuuch. And before you suggest dropshipping, don’t. I don’t believe in my customer getting something I haven’t personally inspected myself. If something goes wrong & there’s no evidence of who messed up, you end up with damaged product on your hands & you lost money. You may also have to reorder and ship again, costing you double!  Oh and I’ve been duped before on some fake sterling silver.  If I can’t guarantee that it’s real to my customers, I can’t continue to sell it.  Too much risk.

2. Too little profit
You see all this work? Was the initial amount charged worth all of that? Most likely not. But you can’t risk pricing yourself out of business, so it’s best to cut anything that’s costing you too much time, effort or money.

3. Too much work
It takes a lot of time to find what people want. You have to find a reputable dealer within your price range, in a reasonable distance, with a return policy & pray they’re not out of stock when you need it. Man, enough!

4. Too much drama
I pride myself on carrying unique styles. I love the niche that I’ve created for myself by doing that. You won’t see my styles in every store & you won’t see it at the price I ask. But what I don’t enjoy is the customer who thinks that there are as many styles in sterling silver as there are in fashion jewelry. No, you’re not going to find many statement necklaces in sterling silver for less than $30. Sorry. And p.s, it’s not me trying to be difficult. Just do a Google search and you’ll see what I mean. If I’m wrong, let me know. But I’m still not the one selling it. You’d do best to go with that business, because they specialize in that.

5. I don’t even wear sterling silver often.
One of the rules of owning your own fashion related business is to be your own billboard. I don’t wear sterling silver that much because it isn’t really my thing. So as much as I hear the mantra, “give the people what they want”, it fades in comparison to the blaring of “stick to what you’re good at”. I’ve given up on running after any and every sale. It’s ridiculous and it never ends well. You know those people in sales who are sharks, bitter or bullies? They’re chasing after money. I choose not to go that route. So I’m going back to wearing what I love, getting compliments on it, passing them a card & receiving sales. Works every time.

My second big issue was that my data didn’t lie.  Near the end of last year I put out a Facebook ad to my customers & very few responded.  I thought they would have jumped at it!  But when I looked at it a month later, I realized there was no synchronicity.  There was a big mish-mash of items that I had in stock.  Even I wasn’t impressed.  I decided to try a different tactic.  I put out another promo just to individuals who wanted to buy what I loved to sell, there was a tremendous response!!  So what did I learn?  Go get the customers who’d been out there waiting for me!  The great thing is, I already had everything in place to handle the mass of customers I’d received, I just needed to put my net where my fish were.  This may mean I may lose a few customers, but my data showed that I’ve got 37 times more potential customers than current ones.  So what am I waiting for??  Nothing.  I’m jumping on those customers who love what I love!

To close, I want to say that I absolutely ADORE my past & current 20160103_120915customers (whether they’re in my niche or not)! I’ve only had to fire 3 without them knowing it (that’s another business secret I’ll tell you about-let me know if you’re interested). I love their energy, the fact that most are gift givers (but they’re usually the one who needs a gift themselves), they’re supportive, patient and a TON of fun! I enjoy them and hearing about how the recipient “ooohed and aaaaahed” over the gift. I love to hear about the tears of gratitude and joy and the tight neck hugs from a much loved present. I really love to hear when they need more for some more people! Hey, I am in business, right? But more than anything, I love the sigh that comes when the burden of the hunt for the perfect gift has been lifted.  Yes, sales can be a ministry if your focus is on serving and not fleecing.

So I’m going back to doing what I do best. No more sidetracking and trying to be a little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone. It’s time to stay true to what I’m passionate about. No apologies, only peace.

Thanks for listening & I hope all the peace & success for you in your business!


And if you’re a woman who loves glam everyday,

check out my selection of statement necklaces & other accessories at

5069639506749 507407_large 513301 516951a 519193 s-l1600 white fox

Yes, One Tiny Thing Can Make a BIG Difference!

Don’t neglect the small things. Big things come in small packages. Little people can do big things. Yep! I mjust found out how important little things can be. This post is gonna take a sidestep. Instead of being about parenting (well, blatantly about parenting, anyway) it’s gonna focus on paying attention and not overlooking small (no, speck sized) details.

I’ve battled with my new website for about 2 months. Over what? Images. Now don’t bail on me, this is actually important for you. I’ve tried to get the stinking images to be the same size. It looks like a kiddy-gartner made your website if you don’t! Not to mention that I found this out after changing the type of jewelry I carry. So I jumped a hurdle (whoo hoo!) and fell straight into a hole (dangit!!!). What could be worse? Not knowing how to fix it, that’s what.
So after trying to fix it myself for a few weeks, I finally decide to hire someone. What did I do? Gave him all the info I thought was correct. But I found out this morning that I was off by ONE NUMBER. Big deal, right? Oh yeah. HUGE DEAL.

Since I’m not ashamed (and I want to help you future online salespeople out) I’ll show you what the big deal is.


Just looking at this reminds me of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is doing its own thing, one of these things is not the same”.  Remember that one?  So anyway, I finally put those math degrees to work & (after following the instructions on the video) figured out where I went wrong.  I fixed it and within the next 2 days, my site will be a piece of art again (just not in cubism).

So where in your life has a tiny thing made a huge difference?


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Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

Yeah, I can spell.  I know the difference between “or” and “oar”.  However, one is a tool and the other can be a hindrance.  When God told us to start a business, we were quick to approach God with “Father, we heard you, but it’s gotta be this way to work or that way to work.”  His response?  Silence.  Not the good kind, either.  Moments turned to months and we couldn’t figure out why nothing was moving forward.  We planned, prayed & prepared, but nothing.

boat with oar 2What was wrong?  We kept using our “or” instead or using our faith as our oar!  For some reason, we as humans have a natural propensity to drop one thing in life to focus on another.  It shouldn’t always be the case.  Yes, we use excuses (“reasons” are what we sometimes call them) to not move on a command the Father has issued, but they are sometimes just reasons not to try.  Jericho had a wall, Goliath was huge, Lazarus was dead.  What excuse do we have not to move forward when we can do all things through Christ?  Or does the scripture say we can do one thing at a time through Christ?

Maybe your “or” is different.  Maybe you’re using the other progress-crippling “or”.  You know, the “or” that haunts you with thoughts of defeat.  “This better workweathered boat OR…”, “You better have this many supporter/dollars/sales OR…”, “You’d better get your life together before you step out there OR…”.  These are all lies of the enemy designed to stagnate, freeze or deceive you.  STOP LISTENING TO HIM.

When Jesus touched people to heal them and set them free, what did he require from each individual?  Money?  To clean themselves?  To be mentally/physically/financially stable?  Be famous?  Be holy enough? I’ll wait…

boatThe only requirement he made was to believe.  He went to many people he healed.  Some were healed by his word alone.  The only one who came to him looking for healing was the woman with the issue of blood (she TOOK her healing).  They all had something in common:


Today I challenge you to seek God about opening your mind and heart to what He’s called you to do.  All He needs is for you to show up.  Think about the situation with Jericho, Goliath & Lazarus.  All Joshua, David & even our beloved Savior Jesus did was show up & let the Father handle the rest.  That’s all that was required then, that’s all that’s required now.  He gives us the vision.  He gives the strength.  He provides the resources.  He handles the HOW.  Just show up & get your “or” out of His way.

boat with oar

If you need help with your business, book or social media oar, contact me.  Your first info session is free.  I can meet with individuals or groups in person or electronically.  Let me help you today!

Until next time, enjoy the life the Father has given you,