Business Series: Advice, Warnings & Blessings Part I

You’re still reading these things?  Well, aren’t you a soldier!?  LOL  Ok, seriously, thanks for coming back.  If it’s your first time reading the posts from the Business Series, be sure to go back and catch up.  Even though these videos are very informational by themselves, sometimes the order is important.  Here’s the video feature for today!  There’s also a part 2.

For Those Selling PRODUCT, Listen To THIS!

I’ll be honest, I had a mini rant at the beginning of this video because of some business owner drama.  If you’re interested in some REALLY great information, just get past the first few minutes of craziness of this video and there are some real nuggets there.  The questions you need answered about vendors, pricing and other annoying but relevant topics, LISTEN TO THIS!

My Weekly Recap #realtalk

Hi y’all!

If you’ve been following me in my FB group, Bottleneck Busters, you’ve been seeing some crazy real talk videos of what’s happening with my new store.  I give lots of advice, prayers & eye opening legit truth about the business experience.  So, here’s a little of what’s been going on & how the Lord truly showed up and helped me deal.  If you’d like to hear more of what’s going on and get some help with navigating your business or future business, be sure to join the group!  Enjoy!

Start or Restock Your Business for Less than $20! My Dollar Tree Reviews

Hey guys!  I know you love Dollar Tree!  If you don’t, it may be because you haven’t visited lately.  Did you know:

  • Dollar Tree now carries name brands.  YES!  3M, Elmer’s, Boogie Wipes, Palmer, Star Wars and more!
  • Dollar Tree carries the 12 pack Merita hot dog buns.  FOR A DOLLAR!
  • Dollar Tree has incredible storage and organization products that are just as good as Target for a fraction of the price.

Ok, enough jibber jabber.  Let’s get on with the reviews.  This edition is special because I want to focus on office/school supplies.  If you have a business, you know that supplies can try to suck the life out of your budget.  You’re gonna run out of something sooner or later, and it’s great to know you can restock for a buck!  Here’s what I’ve found:


These scissors are great for most purposes.  Just don’t use them if you plan on cutting a lot of cardboard.  They’re just not built for that.  Yeah, I learned the hard way…

Dollar Tree has always been awesome for organizational needs.  Here’s a list of some of their containers that are now out in spring colors! (click the link to go directly to the page)

dollar tree storage mass list


They have binder clips in numerous sizes (teeny weeny to jumbo) & they even have some with designs!  But I saw how you can take the little silver part off and spray paint them whatever color you want.  I always have a few cans of spray paint on deck.


These multicolored coated paper clips also caught my eye.  They have the clear ones, too.  Not bad for a buck!

172853 172853_v1   178451

I hardly ever run out of staples, but when I do, it’s a true emergency!  Because I have a ton around and don’t seem to use them often.  So when I’m out, it’s awful.  But 3000 for $1?  Yes!!188554

I love my paper planner & my electronic planner, but there are times a dry erase one is best.  These are cute and a great deal!


Push pins!!!  Clear & color for only $1

188651  26604

A few items from my last review!

941299.jpg 943609.jpg

Oh and here are some other things I’ve seen that definitely deserve a review.  The head scratcher/massager on the left/middle is OUTSTANDING.  PHENOMENAL.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I’m not exaggerating.  The whole family loves this thing so much I had to hide mine.  They also have their wreath forms in stock for spring.  I saw some burlap ribbon there in some nice colors for you crafters and spring door wreath lovers, too!

20150823_122541 20150823_122547  FB_IMG_1444929402922

Whew!  That was a lot.  But I still need to go to Dollar Tree to get some staple items.  You must drop in from time to time.  They’ll have the best name brand & interesting items you will pay 5-10 times the price for in other stores.  It’s worth a browse.  Who knows, you may just get hooked!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I’ll be back soon with more stuff to share!


When good plans go bad

qDon’t you just love it when you have this great idea, great way to implement it, all the supplies you need, do it & then it fails? Yeah, I don’t either. Well I encountered a similar situation this morning. It was a very simple plan. I’ve reorganized my office so that it actually works no matter what task I’m doing (yay me!!) & went to restock my sticky notes. So I’m off to Dollar Tree (my favorite place to grab stuff & save a TON) to get some.

I look at the available colors (funny how much better my day goes with the right colors around me) & finally decide on a single pack. But then I turn & see another color I’d prefer even more that is a 2 pack! What a deal, right? So I grabbed itnote. Little did I know that the pack I grabbed wasn’t what I thought it was. I get home & don’t look at them until this morning. As I pick it up, something occurs to me-it’s not a 2 pack! It’s some super huge sticky notes!! So what did I do? I knocked myself a bit at first, but then had an idea. Just cut them in half! I whip out my ruler & box cutter & get to measuring. I put notches in the halfway point & spin it around & do the other side. However, there was yet another snag in my plan. When I notched the sides, I didn’t measure from the same end. So I had to choose which notch to follow. The result? I have 3 sets of sticky notes-the extra huge, the normal size & the ones a little smaller. Am I upset? Heck no! Now I have a more versatile pack of sticky notes for the same $1 price!

So what’s the lesson? It may look like an easy situation in the beginning & go bad, but don’t lose heart. Stay calm & an idea may come to you that makes it work out better than you imagined!

New Events! Self-Publishing, Social Media & Small Business Info Session

Good morning!!!  I wanted to give you a heads up about 2 events I have coming up this weekend.  I know, I know, it’s short notice.  But let me be honest-this event wasn’t for everyone.  This is a session for those I absolutely knew were in it to win it.  And let’s be honest, sometimes things must be done a little differently the first go round.

So what am I getting at?

1.  My first info session!  I’ll be dishing out all my secrets of how I wrote, published & promoted my book while still working, having a full-time family, running a small business & STILL WRITING MORE BOOKS!  Yes!  It can be done & you can do it if you are 2 things:  serious and flexible.

I did it & so can you cover photo

2.  My next speaking engagement!  (More about that later)

The sessions are this Friday, June 20th from 6p-7p & 7p-8p.  My 6p-7p slot is full & there are 5 spots left in the 7p-8p.  Here are topics we’ll cover:

How to find time to write

How to self-publish for less than $50 (cheap, right?!)

How to get your book on Amazon, in bookstores, libraries, colleges & more!

How to write your book FAST without keying one stroke!

How to get your book cover, editing, proofreading & more done for $10 or less!

How to avoid stockpiling your books!

Do you need a license for your business?  Not always!

Where to go to get a license for your small business

Taxes and your books or business

Social media for your books & business

How to REALLY only spend 30 minutes a day on your business & THRIVE!

& so much more!

I’ll have a small segment on all these topics & you’ll walk away with more than enough ammo to start, continue or take your project to the next level!  For the second half, there will be a Q&A session where I’ll answer YOUR questions.

If you’d like to attend, email me at  You CANNOT MISS THIS SESSION!

Ok, on to the next item:  I’m speaking at the S.W.A.G. (Standing with all Girls & Guys) Anti-Bullying event on this Saturday! 10312411_749673851750748_2917854560187726514_n I’ll be speaking with parents about topics such as:

How to spot if your child is suffering from bullying

How to detect if your child is bullying others

How to handle teachers, principals & the school board concerning your child being bullied

When to take things further & when to let things work themselves out

What to teach your child concerning bullying

How to deal with your emotions in check when talking with your child about bullying

This is a partial list, but I am very excited about the opportunity to speak with parents about this topic.  Please visit or for more information or to register for this event!

So check me out at these events!

Until next time,

Tonya 😉