Crucial Planning Steps. For the “Daily Grind”

Hi guys!

Here are my videos for today.  This is a message that CAN’T be missed!  If you’re feeling the overwhelm in your life, business or situation, check out these videos!  Sorry there are 2, but the feed froze (wonk-wonk).  Enjoy!


Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…

Hey guys,

I haven’t actually written a post in forever.  But since little people have homework time, I decided to take the few minutes between checking math problems to give you an update.  Stuff has been a bit hectic.  Not because there was so much to do or because the tasks were hard, but because I’d fallen into that habit of not being organized.  You can’t plow through a field with a spoon!  You have to make sure you know what the goal is and get the proper tools to get the job done!  So I had to break down and create a hit list.  What’s a hit list?  Well, let me tell you…

I take a piece of paper (or my color note app) and make a list of all of the random stuff that needs to be done.  I may have to reorder because of priority, lack of tools or the time it’ll take.  It may mean moving things around to a different day.  Some of you may recognize this as the act of time management.  Yep.  More or less.

Today it was tougher because I had SO much to do!!!  I mean, I’m updating my website, paying bills, creating images, answering emails, texts and dodging phone calls (I get a lot of weird cruise offers).  A sista was tired!  I still am.  I need to get out of the house for a bit and walk around.  I know the world is out there to enjoy, but it seems I can’t see past this keyboard!  AAAARGH!!!!  I figured it out, though.  I hadn’t come up with a plan.  I needed to sort my tasks and break them down into bite sized chunks.  So…

I made my own weekly plan.  Maybe it’ll work for you!  I’ll try to keep it simple and just share the plan for my jewelry business.  Y’all pray for me.  I just made this plan so I’ll have to test it to see if it actually works for me!

Monday-plan (what I’ll be sharing for the week)

Tuesday-check inventory & add items

Wednesday-create new images (I’m currently trying Photofy-I actually paid, y’all!  LOL)

Thursday-posts & videos (create & schedule posts & make mini videos for the week)

Friday-clean (the jewelry, files from my computer, emails, subscriptions, my office, whatever)

So……this is how I’ll try to manage my tasks for The Jewelry Lady for a while.  I’ve been hearing that consistency is key for my customers, so if I can release my products on the same day of the week and post videos maybe I’ll reach a few more people and get them what they need!

Now if I’m really good at managing my time, I may be able to get ahead during the planning slot and plan for 2 weeks at a time!  Since I deal with products, this can be much more time consuming.  Does anyone else sell products and feel the same way?


When good plans go bad

qDon’t you just love it when you have this great idea, great way to implement it, all the supplies you need, do it & then it fails? Yeah, I don’t either. Well I encountered a similar situation this morning. It was a very simple plan. I’ve reorganized my office so that it actually works no matter what task I’m doing (yay me!!) & went to restock my sticky notes. So I’m off to Dollar Tree (my favorite place to grab stuff & save a TON) to get some.

I look at the available colors (funny how much better my day goes with the right colors around me) & finally decide on a single pack. But then I turn & see another color I’d prefer even more that is a 2 pack! What a deal, right? So I grabbed itnote. Little did I know that the pack I grabbed wasn’t what I thought it was. I get home & don’t look at them until this morning. As I pick it up, something occurs to me-it’s not a 2 pack! It’s some super huge sticky notes!! So what did I do? I knocked myself a bit at first, but then had an idea. Just cut them in half! I whip out my ruler & box cutter & get to measuring. I put notches in the halfway point & spin it around & do the other side. However, there was yet another snag in my plan. When I notched the sides, I didn’t measure from the same end. So I had to choose which notch to follow. The result? I have 3 sets of sticky notes-the extra huge, the normal size & the ones a little smaller. Am I upset? Heck no! Now I have a more versatile pack of sticky notes for the same $1 price!

So what’s the lesson? It may look like an easy situation in the beginning & go bad, but don’t lose heart. Stay calm & an idea may come to you that makes it work out better than you imagined!