Y’ALL.  I’m stupid excited.  No, let me rephrase.  Stoopud excited about this product!!!  I came across this video on one of my Sunday hairday video binges.  I was so skeptical, but since my daughter has a looser curl than I do, I decided that I’m going to make her the guinea pig!  LOL  Ok, I may try it on mine first.  But check out these 2 videos and tell me what you think!

This Little YouTube Girl Just BLESSED MY LIFE! Could This Be Your Summer ‘Do?


I’ve been agonizing over what to do with this hair this summer.  I am in a rut and feeling some kind of way about keeping up with this hair!  The other thing is that it seems that my hair grows by leaps and bounds during the warmer months.  So, what to do???  I need some way to keep it moisturized, healthy and OUT. OF. MY. WAY.  So I knew this was my golden ticket when I found this video!

I need to get to my hair easily without all the drama of it being in individual braids or wearing a full blown wig (those can be hotter than my thick, dense hair-not to mention itchy!).  I think this will do nicely.  What do you guys think??


Water Only Clarifying & Deep Conditioning 

Hey y’all!

I know some of you are wondering, what in the world happened to the hair updates? Well, life happened. I started back to my regular job and so my hair has been taking a beating. It’s been a little dry and unruly, so it just dawned on me that I needed to do a clarify and deep conditioning.

I clarify with an acv rinse and use banana baby food for a deep condition. My acv rinse is clarified water (from my handheld filtered shower head) and acv (the filtered or unfiltered version).  I use banana baby food because my hair LOVES it!  See?

Yeah, when you clarify, you have to add the moisture back in. See how adorable the bottom girl is? That is how the rest of my hair will look once I finish this deep conditioning treatment. Otherwise… let’s just say it is literally not pretty. You see that puffy piece? I left it out to demonstrate how critical this step is. This is what it looks like when you clarify but don’t put the moisture back in. But I had a trick for that little piece of hair.

I called it with a little bit of olive oil and voila! No more angry hair!  

Next, I rinse out the banana THOROUGHLY with really warm water.   Oh yeah, NEVER let it dry on your hair!  It’ll take an additional 1-3 rinses to get it out if you do.  Finally, I’ll  do a cold rinse to close the cuticle.  

After all this, my hair may still not be hydrated enough  (I’ve been so bad to it lately), so I may need to do the baggy or greenhouse method.  We’ll just have to wait and see! 

Well, this is how it turned out more or less.  I had to deliver an order, so I put on a headband and headed out the door! 

 The best thing is, it’ll be prestretched in case I decide to do twists, Bantus or a tuck and pin.

Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18!


Tonya E. Joyner is a wife, mother of three, speaker, author, educator, trainer and entrepreneur.  Tonya  believes that laughter is good medicine.  She inserts a dose of humor into her delivery to ensure that education is not torture for the teacher or the learner!   Look for her other books on life and learning that help parents keep their sanity, their hair and their relationship with their children and God!