Regroup With Joy

I have a ton of what I call “crap piles” in my house.  Before you freak out, it’s just what I call those piles of papers, random sticky notes & receipts that I scoop and dump into drawers when people come over or when I need to get to something else.  Since moving my office back home, there are no less than 15 now.  Yeah, it’s pretty severe.

But all is not lost!  I have found a way that I can get a lot sorted in a little time.  I used to try to think of everything then make labels, sort and put away.  Not any more.  I sort as I go, making piles and then when I get finished I make labels then put away.  For some of you, this was a “duh!” but it took me forever to learn to sort that way.  I don’t know why, but it seemed like I had to figure out what to do before I got started.  But now, using this method, I see it’s easier to start and then adapt as I go along.  Uh oh…uh oh…did you just see that revelation?  Yeah, you can’t see to the bottom of the pile when you’re starting out, sweetie!  So just keep going, stay diligent and when you get to the end, it’ll all be sorted out.  It’s ok to not see everything.  It can be overwhelming!  But just hang in there, it’ll all work out!

Business Series: Advice, Warnings & Blessings Part I

You’re still reading these things?  Well, aren’t you a soldier!?  LOL  Ok, seriously, thanks for coming back.  If it’s your first time reading the posts from the Business Series, be sure to go back and catch up.  Even though these videos are very informational by themselves, sometimes the order is important.  Here’s the video feature for today!  There’s also a part 2.

For Those Selling PRODUCT, Listen To THIS!

I’ll be honest, I had a mini rant at the beginning of this video because of some business owner drama.  If you’re interested in some REALLY great information, just get past the first few minutes of craziness of this video and there are some real nuggets there.  The questions you need answered about vendors, pricing and other annoying but relevant topics, LISTEN TO THIS!

Business Mini Series: Starts NOW!

Hi guys,

If you follow me on FB, you’ve seen my video shares from my FB group, Bottleneck Busters.  It’s where I share all types of advice, resources, inspirations & encouragement for business owners and those intending to start their own business.  I always give an honest, open perspective on opening your own business.  So if this is something you’ve wondered about or are currently struggling with, be sure to follow the series!  I’ll be highlighting some of my past videos from earlier in 2017.  Let’s get started…

Yes, One Tiny Thing Can Make a BIG Difference!

Don’t neglect the small things. Big things come in small packages. Little people can do big things. Yep! I mjust found out how important little things can be. This post is gonna take a sidestep. Instead of being about parenting (well, blatantly about parenting, anyway) it’s gonna focus on paying attention and not overlooking small (no, speck sized) details.

I’ve battled with my new website for about 2 months. Over what? Images. Now don’t bail on me, this is actually important for you. I’ve tried to get the stinking images to be the same size. It looks like a kiddy-gartner made your website if you don’t! Not to mention that I found this out after changing the type of jewelry I carry. So I jumped a hurdle (whoo hoo!) and fell straight into a hole (dangit!!!). What could be worse? Not knowing how to fix it, that’s what.
So after trying to fix it myself for a few weeks, I finally decide to hire someone. What did I do? Gave him all the info I thought was correct. But I found out this morning that I was off by ONE NUMBER. Big deal, right? Oh yeah. HUGE DEAL.

Since I’m not ashamed (and I want to help you future online salespeople out) I’ll show you what the big deal is.


Just looking at this reminds me of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is doing its own thing, one of these things is not the same”.  Remember that one?  So anyway, I finally put those math degrees to work & (after following the instructions on the video) figured out where I went wrong.  I fixed it and within the next 2 days, my site will be a piece of art again (just not in cubism).

So where in your life has a tiny thing made a huge difference?


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How My Children Saved My Business

I know you must be wondering how that could be the case. It’s true, though. They saved my business!

I’m an author, but I’m also an entrepreneur.  If you’ve followed me a while you’ve heard me mention my business, The Jewelry Lady.  I’ve owned this retail store (initially online & now a storefront as well) for over 5 years.  I love it! I mean, what woman doesn’t love jewelry, right?  But there were many times that I thought about throwing in the towel because I’d come to the end of myself . But countless times my children were there with little nuggets that helped get me out of my funk.

Let’s start with the youngest.  She’s 8.  While on vacation, we came across a crafter called My Froggy Stuff (I think I told you guys about them before.  If not, here’s their YouTube channel-they have 2)

That child me gluing, sewing, taping, brainstorming & drawing til the cows came home!  Let’s just say she was the reason I redesigned my store many, many times to keep it interesting.  100_4119100_6012




She’s also the reason that her dolls now have a jewelry store & 5 doll houses & a sweet shop (more to come I’m sure)!  And did I mention she asked, “Mommy, can I be The Jewelry Lady once you retire?”  Priceless.

On to my middle child, age 10.  He caught the YouTube bug way before his sister.  His fetish? Lego & dinosaurs!  He couldn’t get enough.  He even used his dad’s camera so much that well, yeah.  He broke it.  I haven’t told my husband yet.  I’ll just have to replace it.  But if I remember correctly, there are over 900 pictures that came out into a 6-part Lego video!  Talk about creativity & being driven!  He’s the reason I started doing videos & kept getting back on the horse when I felt like giving up on ideas.

Finally, the oldest. He’s my heart. There were many occasions when someone shredded a concept, dream or 2-3 day effort for no good reason. He was there with insight, perception & encouragement.  He also helped me understand when to let some people go and pray for their hearts.  Everyone can’t come with you!  I’m just in love with his peaceful ways & his strength.  He reminds me so much of my husband.  Here’s his current “thing”.

So, that’s it.  That’s a few ways that my children saved my business.  Oh yeah, the biggest way they helped?  They MAKE me play!  They remind me when I’ve worked too hard and need to take a movie/popcorn/hotchcolate/dolly/lego/wrestling/cartoon break.  They’re the best!  There are times that I think they manage me more than I manage them, but hey, as long as they’re doing a good job, why argue?

I hope you enjoyed my post. If you want to check out my store, stop by or shop online!

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Until next time, try not to kill your kids before they turn 18!