Business Series: Crucial Planning Steps For The “Daily Grind”.

Business Series: Advice, Blessings & Warnings Part 2

The real truth about  small business.  It's a blessing & a true process.  Here's more advice.

Business Series: Advice, Warnings & Blessings Part I

You're still reading these things?  Well, aren't you a soldier!?  LOL  Ok, seriously, thanks for coming back.  If it's your first time reading the posts from the Business Series, be sure to go back and catch up.  Even though these videos are very informational by themselves, sometimes the order is important.  Here's the video feature … Continue reading Business Series: Advice, Warnings & Blessings Part I

Business Signs, Posters & Banners For $10 or LESS!!

No, that's not a typo or joke.  You CAN and SHOULD use this method & keep those pennies in your POCKET where they belong!  Let me show you how we did it!

For Those Selling PRODUCT, Listen To THIS!

I'll be honest, I had a mini rant at the beginning of this video because of some business owner drama.  If you're interested in some REALLY great information, just get past the first few minutes of craziness of this video and there are some real nuggets there.  The questions you need answered about vendors, pricing … Continue reading For Those Selling PRODUCT, Listen To THIS!

Business Mini Series: Starts NOW!

Hi guys, If you follow me on FB, you've seen my video shares from my FB group, Bottleneck Busters.  It's where I share all types of advice, resources, inspirations & encouragement for business owners and those intending to start their own business.  I always give an honest, open perspective on opening your own business.  So … Continue reading Business Mini Series: Starts NOW!

Using Instagram For Your Business? Here’s Some Quick Tips!

Instagram is awesome.  If you know how to utilize it.  Here are 5 things I'd suggest from experience.  Know if you should use it.  It's not for every business.  But if you have a visual business (where seeing your product/service in action would help people see & understand what you do) & it's worth the … Continue reading Using Instagram For Your Business? Here’s Some Quick Tips!

Start That Business in 2017!!

Accountability Check: Are you Working on Your Business Goals?

Make lists, check off tasks, research, make connections, buy materials, keep records, settle accounts, create accounts, open accounts, close accounts, find suppliers, update records, update technology. What are you doing lately?  Tell us!  What do you need to move forward? Check out my video for some inspiration & tips! Love & encouragement, Tonya

The Must Have App! (For Businesses & Personal Use)

Hi everyone, Most of you are entrepreneurs or entrepre-moms, so I hope this info is a blessing to you.  If you find a great app that you can't live without, share it with us!