Business Series: Advice, Warnings & Blessings Part I

You’re still reading these things?  Well, aren’t you a soldier!?  LOL  Ok, seriously, thanks for coming back.  If it’s your first time reading the posts from the Business Series, be sure to go back and catch up.  Even though these videos are very informational by themselves, sometimes the order is important.  Here’s the video feature for today!  There’s also a part 2.

My Crazy Idea of the Week: Make Money By Paying Your Bills! (This isn’t a Sales Pitch, Promise!)

Hey guys.  I’ve been mulling something over & I want to know what you think.  I own a business & have a PayPal debit card that I use for it.  Now, I love it when my email dings telling me I’ve earned cash back from using my card.  But one day (a particularly broke day) I was like, “Man, if I could pay my bills with this card, I’d make a killing!”


What did I just say?

Could that work?

Could that actually work?

I bet it would work!  Shoot, that’s free money!  Maybe not a ton, but it would pay another bill!  (Or buy some shoes, a purse, a hairdo, some clothes, a maid for a day, a Christmas gift or two, gas in the car…)

Where’s my calculator??!?!??!

So this is where I went into “due diligence” (research) mode.  I checked out their site and saw this:

Cash Back Program.

  1. Cash Back. The Debit Card provides 1% cash back on the net amount of your eligible monthly purchases. Net amount means all eligible purchases minus reversals for any reason including returns and refunds. It may take up to forty-eight (48) hours after enrollment for you to begin accruing cash back.
  2. Eligibility. To be eligible for the cash back program:
    1. You must have a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business Account.
    2. Your Business Debit Card purchase must be an online or signature-based purchase that does not require a PIN (personal identification number). Some merchant locations offer you the option of choosing “Credit” or “ATM/Debit” when making a payment. To qualify for cash back, you must choose the “Credit” option.
      1. Transactions eligible for cash back include: purchases you sign for; purchases from online merchants; and catalog or telephone purchase.
      2. Transactions that are not eligible for cash back include: purchases that require your PIN and cash withdrawals.
      3. Merchants may process your Debit Card payments as PIN-less debit transactions. If processed in this manner, the transaction will not be eligible for cash back.
    3. Your Debit Card must be in good standing at the time you make an eligible purchase and when PayPal makes the cash back payment. Fraudulent transactions are not eligible for cash back.
  3. Payout. The cash back will be calculated at the end of each calendar month and added to your PayPal Account Balance. Payouts must be at least $1.00 USD per month for the amount to be added to your PayPal Account Balance. Otherwise, $0.00 USD will be added to your PayPal Account Balance for that previous month.
  4. Your Business Debit Card must be active (used for at least one eligible online or signature based purchase) in the past twelve (12) consecutive months or your account will no longer be enrolled in the Cash Back Program. You must re-enroll in Cash Back to be eligible to begin accruing cash back again.

Well…I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t do that!  Especially if I used our bill paying account as the backup source for the card.  So what do you guys think?  Crazy or no??


Disclaimer:  I didn’t make any money from this post.  PayPal hasn’t paid me to promote their product.  This is just an idea that popped into my head.  I’ll make money if I decide to try it, though!  But it was not as a result of any communication/payment/promotion from or with PayPal.