Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Hi everyone!  This is our first video (Lord help us all) and we’re teaching how to make our latest & greatest fall favorite dish!  So check it out & let us know how yours turns out! First things first.  Be sure to gather these ingredients: 2 lbs ground turkey (thawed/fresh) 2 cans of pasta sauce … More Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Monday Mom Tip

Don’t CREATE drama. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Yeah, you’d think so, but sometimes we Moms jump in where we’re not wanted or needed.  This can cause unnecessary drama.  Try to avoid jumping into (or instigating) sibling arguments. This morning trouble is brewing.  The middle can’t find money the oldest was holding for him.  Now they … More Monday Mom Tip