*Small business startup consult

Have a dream, vision or goal but don’t know how to get your business started?   Book me for a one hour session and we’ll can go through everything from licensing to opening your doors (digital or storefront) to the public!  Specified to YOUR business and YOUR schedule!

*Social media startup consult

Social media is an awesome tool-when you know how & when to use it!  Learn how to set up, use and maximize your social media presence in ways you never imagined.  Seeing growth in your business doesn’t mean you have to stay tied to social media all day.  Spend a few minutes a week & see an explosion of interaction with your customers!

*Self-publishing startup consult

Writing a book is great and getting it published is better.  Even better?  Getting it published for under $50 with no pallets of books, no deadline demands and you keeping 70% profit in your pocket.  Want to learn how?  Book me now!

*Medium-large business improvement consultations

Are you in need of a change in your business?  Hit a slump?  Have a new goal but not sure how to meet it?  Book me and receive individualized consultation to help achieve your business goal.

*Office atmosphere/morale consult

Staff are the life blood of your business.  If they’re not happy, you’ve got problems.  Let me help you put out the fires and bring peace back to your office environment.  Your business will thrive when everyone is on the same page!

If you’d like to book me for one or more session for any of the above topics, I’m available for you.  Contact me to see how I can help you!

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