Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Hi everyone!  This is our first video (Lord help us all) and we're teaching how to make our latest & greatest fall favorite dish!  So check it out & let us know how yours turns out! First things first.  Be sure to gather these ingredients: 2 lbs ground turkey (thawed/fresh) 2 cans of pasta sauce … Continue reading Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Big Announcements!

You have GOT to hear the message included in this announcement!  Comment after you do! https://www.facebook.com/tonyajoynerspeaks/videos/1607434939279882/

My Weekly Recap #realtalk

Hi y'all! If you've been following me in my FB group, Bottleneck Busters, you've been seeing some crazy real talk videos of what's happening with my new store.  I give lots of advice, prayers & eye opening legit truth about the business experience.  So, here's a little of what's been going on & how the … Continue reading My Weekly Recap #realtalk

Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

My daughter's been threatened with suspension from her bus. What did she do? Not sitting in her assigned seat. Why? Another child is sitting in her seat, so she has to sit elsewhere. Has she tried to handle it? Yes. She talked to the boy 3 times and he's refused to move. Has she told … Continue reading Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hey guys!  I'm back from vacation and I'm raring to go for 2017.  I have lots of fun stuff and surprises planned.  Not only for your kids, but for us as moms, for authors  and for entrepreneurs.  I'm SOOOO excited you are coming on this crazy fun journey with me this year!  … Continue reading Happy New Year!

40 & Molested: My David’s Bridal Experience

If I wasn't going for a friend. If it wasn't her big day. Lord, if her momma wasn't there. I would have went off. What am I talking about? Me, a 40 year old grown %%% woman got molested while shopping for a Matron of Honor dress at David's Bridal! I'm not crazy, she really … Continue reading 40 & Molested: My David’s Bridal Experience

Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed

Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed

Before you think I've lost it for real, let me tell you.  My friend and I had a day straight from a Harold & Kumar movie!  All that was missing was the sex, cussing & a bag of weed!  Think I'm lying?  Let me take you on the journey with us... My friend Tiff had … Continue reading Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed


Hi!  Thanks for coming to “hear me”!  Each area of my site is dedicated to different ways of connecting to me whether by reading my books, reading my bio, seeing my presentation & workshop videos or talking to me directly.  This page is called “hear me” & it’s for those interested in hearing what I … Continue reading Welcome!