Quit Playing & Get Your Copy!

Hey y’all!

It’s been forever since I actually typed up a decent sized post.  But I wanted to pop in and throw you a lifesaver message before school lets out!  I know there are moms out there that are wondering how in the world they’re going to get through the summer with their sanity.  I’ve got just the thing for you!

This book, How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18, is not just funny, but it’s an actual God send!  It has tips on how to manage your household, keep your kids in a mode of being helpful and not hindering, tips to keep yourself organized and so much more.  It covers everything from naps, snacks, communication skills, reward systems, puberty, dating (Lord, help) and everything in between.

If you’d like a sneak peek, check it out on Amazon.com.  It has been such a great help to myself and so many of my friends and followers.  How do I know?  I wrote the book!!

book preview image

I’d love it if you’d send me a review of the book or leave a comment here and tell me what you think about it.  If you enjoy it so much that you’d like me to speak at your event, to your organization or business in person or virtually, contact me!  I’d love to!!

I’ve gone through another transition from working at home mom to working mom.  I have some tips on transition and some other interesting things.  Be on the lookout for some more videos soon!



Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

My daughter’s been threatened with suspension from her bus. What did she do? Not sitting in her assigned seat. Why? Another child is sitting in her seat, so she has to sit elsewhere. Has she tried to handle it? Yes. She talked to the boy 3 times and he’s refused to move. Has she told the bus driver? Yes. The bus driver’s response? “I can’t do anything about him.  But if you do it again, you’ll be suspended from the bus.”


REALLY?? You can’t tell a child to move or they’ll get suspended, but you can tell my child the exact same thing??? Lady…I’m gonna need you to get your life.  You drive elementary, middle school AND high school kids around, but you can’t tell the smallest child on the

Rant over (I’m thinking more, but no point in putting it out there. Serves no positive purpose).

So, my husband will talk to the little boy’s parents. They live around the corner. He’s probably gonna get in significant trouble. That’s not the point, though.

I want to deal with the fact that this driver is rude, leaves kids, leaves kids even when she sees them running to the bus, drives over the yellow line and in the dirt (almost ditch) and is just not professional about her job.

Yeah, I could deal with the child directly, I could deal with the parents. However, that wouldn’t change the behavior of this driver who is endangering children and may need to make a career change for the safety & happiness of all parties involved.

I want the prize. I want the overall issue fixed. Not to mention…

THIS IS A DISTRACTION! I have other, much more important things to deal with! Not saying that my daughter’s health & happiness are not important (I’ll drive her daily if I have to. It’s like 4 minutes, literally!) But I know that last week I sat down and the Lord gave me a weekly schedule to keep. And what’s been popping up all week? Distractions.

This is my advice to you today:

Be sure to understand the difference between important, urgent, necessary, crucial & minor. Checking your goals daily will help you differentiate these categories. Be sure to give them the amount of time that correlates to their weight and you’ll see more and more progress toward your goals.

I hope this was an eye opening post. Now let me go make a phone call. I took care of this goal for the day, so now I have time to go deal with Ms. Bus Driver…I may let y’all know the update (if you think it would be post worthy).

Until next time!


Happy New Year!



Hey guys!  I’m back from vacation and I’m raring to go for 2017.  I have lots of fun stuff and surprises planned.  Not only for your kids, but for us as moms, for authors  and for entrepreneurs.  I’m SOOOO excited you are coming on this crazy fun journey with me this year!  Look forward to many new adventures and new ways to not kill your kids before they turn 18!

Have A Little Girl You Need To Keep Busy? SUPER TIPS!!!

Hey y’all!  It’s been a minute since I’ve put up a DIY post for kids.  But this is my absolute favorite thing to do!  It actually saved my business!  But that’s for another post.  Anyway, if you’ve been with me for a while, you remember me mentioning My Froggy Stuff.  If not, just search my blog & it’ll pop up.  Well, we’ve been doing arts and crafts inspired by her videos for about 2 years now I suppose.  And man has it been fun!!!  Check out some of these candid shots (candid=they may be wonky because we didn’t edit them).  Most also include a link to the video we used or a related video.

Here’s our biggest project to date.  THE CAMPER


It was not quite finished here (as you can see), but it features a lot in a small space!  It has a full kitchen,  20160522_123830.jpg

Stove & mini fridge20160522_123749.jpg

Overhead storage, cabinets 20160522_123730.jpg& sink (don’t ask me where the faucet is-out inspector apparently was paid under the table to let some stuff slip)


Corner bench seating with storage underneath…20160522_123823.jpg

where our dolls love to sit and scarf down ribs!20160518_195042.jpg20160518_1950100.jpg

Some even had too much!20160518_194914.jpgDon’t ask me why there’s a fishing lure worm (no doubt from my Dad) and a snail in the picture.  Oh wait!  I forgot, my daughter said they’re having squid and snails too.  That girl & her imagination…

It also features a bathroom with a tub, invisible sink (it’s there, it’s just clear like the super cool contemporary houses),

20160522_123600.jpgtoilet and hardwood floors (that inspector is so fired).  And get the toilet & flooring guys back in here. 20160522_123551.jpgYou can also see the hot pink & white zebra print bunk beds,20160522_123907.jpg

which convert into additional seating when you flip up the top bunk,

20160522_123837.jpg    20160522_123709.jpg
or into a full open space when you flip both beds up.
The dolls just love it and have lots of fun lounging and enjoying their camper!      20160522_192111.jpg

When they travel, they make stops at playgrounds for the kids.
This one has a great tree house theme, tire swing, climbing rope and regular swing.
It even has cork as a super safe landing material!20150122061707We have made some other (creepy looking) attempts at grand projects.
Our first living room attempt with rock fireplace (super simple and totally awesome).  Would you like one of our 7 cakes?
20150122061437We’ve made a washing machine, the dryer is God knows where, guitar and bedding.  Not to mention the gargantuan closet!
On the next pic I put a link for closet ideas.  I figured you didn’t want one looking like this one!  LOL!!!!
20150122061507All that closet & 4 hangers.  Making hangers is the WORST!20150122061518

Our dining room table & chairs.  The fridge is to the left.  Another experience that was a labor of love.20150122061424And some came out really, really well!20150122061417To think that this all started out as a feeble attempt to make more dolly clothes.  2015012206121820150122061308Wait.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Whatever.  I love her more than I love the earrings.  I can find more earrings.
Where am I gonna find another daughter as awesome as mine?  Why would I want to?20150122061139    Do these pants make her butt look big?  LOLOLOL!!!!!

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our projects we’ve created over the years.  If you’d like to see even MORE inspiration (as if the bajillion links I put in this post weren’t enough), check out My Froggy Stuff on YouTube, Instagram & their blog (they have free printables and all kinds of tips).  Just click the pic below to go to the home page of their YouTube channel.froggy craft fireplace

Until next time, enjoy spending time with your kids!  And draw some bras on those Barbies!



Word from God: Don’t get distracted!!

Good morning!

I hope you’re well. I have a video for you this morning. If you’re going through, just take a listen. I hope if helps you through your day and beyond!



The Best Back To School Shopping Method Yet!

Group of Children Lined Up Against a Wall with One Girl (8-10) Making a Face

Hi guys!

You know what time it is.  Time for school clothes, school supplies, bulk drinks, snacks and fruit cups.  Yuuup, back to school season is upon us.  So, how to cope?  Well I had an idea just hit me up side the head recently (it was Jesus, He didn’t hit me).


It may sound crazy, but if you act now, you can shop online for just about all their stuff and either have it shipped to you or even better, shipped to the store for FREE!!!  So while the lines up front are murder, you’ll be in the fast line!  Let me show you how this works.

  1.  Comparison shop-HARD!  I checked on Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Sears, ThredUp (BIG SIDE NOTE:  DON’T SLEEP ON THREDUP.  They specialize in basically new, high end, ‘sposed to be stupid expensive clothing.  And right now, they are giving AN ADDITIONAL 40% OFF WHEN YOU USE THE CODE:  SUMMER.  Yeah, get your self over there! lol)  And definitely don’t forget Office Depot & Aldi.  Yeah, Aldi has some good stuff too!  The kids have gotta have snacks!  And they have a robust back to school effort going on right now.  Child they have lists, blogs, ideas, tips and just a ton of helpful stuff.  Go check it out!  Before I forget, don’t just assume that these dollar places have the best prices.  These other stores are less than half of Dollar Tree’s prices during back to school season!  Do your due diligence!!  And shop the clearance section using filters.  I found a ton of great clothes from Sears when I put “less than $5” as a filter.  They had a million polo shirts, shorts, tees, etc.
  2. Start shopping carts for each store.  If you can stomach it, make an account for each place and fill up your cart.  Get a sum total and get your budget in order.
  3. Plan the best time to pick up.  What do I mean?  Well, think about the worst times to go shopping.  Work around those.  If you have a parent or friend who is a frequenter of that store, they may go do it for you during hours when it’s not a hassle.  Or if you’re really gangsta, take a day off and go pick all of the stuff up you ordered.  I’ve found the best time of day is around 9 or 10 when stores just open.  You get little to no waiting and the staff is not worn out or super grumpy yet.  Or, you can have it shipped to your house!  Now that’s a win-win!  But if you are trying to save time & money, only use home shipping if it’s free or cheaper than the gas you’d spend.
  4. When you get your stuff, be sure to inspect it.  Checking against your shopping cart & your packing list will ensure you have everything you ordered.
  5. Be nosy.  If your child gets the full school supply list, look at what they may need next year.  Get some of that stuff out of the way now. If you got a single grade shopping list (like my middle child did this year), call the school and ask what the next grade up will need.
  6. Stock up!!!!  If you see 10 cent pens, binders or whatever that you know they’ll need year after year, get enough for an entire year.
  7. You can never, ever, ever buy too much notebook paper.  Wait, some of y’all are crazy.  Get like 20 packs if it’s in your means and you’ll not have that issue for a couple years.

Ok, I hope I’ve helped you get some ideas on how to tame the back to school beast.  I’m still working on my shopping carts.  But I tell you what, when I saw that I would only need to spend about $22 to get the kids all of their supplies (not snacks or clothes), I was elated.  ELATED!!

Oh, my final tip.  I make my kids do a fashion show so we can weed through their clothes.

Ever changing teenager

I made the mistake of just telling them to bring down anything that was too small and it almost cost me hundreds of dollars.  Why?  One of them thought they could weed them out just by looking at the tags.  They didn’t realize that clothes aren’t cut the same.  Dodged that bullet!  But making them actually model the clothes (even when they dragged and whined about it) helped them see what they really had and let me see what I really needed to spend money on.  Not to mention that they can grow over 2″ from eating all your food over the summer.  I have them do the following:

  1.  Reach up to the sky.  I should see no tummy!  That goes for guys and girls.  You’re not on the cast of Fame, so you shouldn’t dress like it.
  2. Touch your toes.  I should see no booty!  No underwear, cracks or crevices.
  3. Stand up straight.  No highwaters, please.  And that goes for pant legs and sleeves!  Your wrist bone shouldn’t be peeking at me.
  4. Stand in front of a window.  I better not see through it.
  5. Two length tests:  the fingertip test on shorts for my daughter (she likes at/below the knee anyway so that’s actually a non issue) and for my sons, shorts MUST fall at least 1 inch below the knee.  Why?  Because you should look more like a bball player now in your bball shorts, not a bball player from the 70’s, ya dig??
  6. The most important question:  Do you like it?

Young Girl Playing By Herself

I don’t buy clothes anymore that they don’t like.  I’ll find it sitting in the closet or shoved under the bed.  I’m not the micromanaging, “I bought it, you’re gonna wear it”, wasting my own time and money arguing with you about it, trying to find where you hid it parent.  Y’all can if you want.  That’s not my style.  I like tranquility in my home.  Let your children know they have options and that you care what they like.  They should figure out what they like, discover who they are, their style and feel comfortable in their own skin. Believe me, we have a lot less arguments, grounding and other stuff than other households.  It’s because our children know they can talk to us and we know their opinion is valued.  Do they “win” all the time?  No.  But this is not a game.  We’re a family.  If one loses, we all lose.  We’re all in this together.  So yeah, my kids’ opinions matter.  They don’t rule the roost, but they matter.

scared child

Small story & I’ll let y’all go.  My dad was INFAMOUS for buying me ugly clothes.  I mean HELLA-UGLY.  Like my dad had in his mind, “Girl, I want you to scare folk off” ugly!  I’ll never forget those uglier than the Bill Cosby sweaters that he used to get me.  And corduroy pants!!! AND IT NEVER MATCHED, Y’ALL!  Jesus, I don’t know how I survived my childhood.  Oh, if that wasn’t bad enough, he also got me glasses that had the big bug lenses.  You know, the ones the Kardashians think are so hot but are definitely not?  Yeah, all I needed was a VW written on my head.  I looked just like a bug.  (I still owe my mama a talking to for not intervening in that mess!  Let me get her on the phone RIGHT NOW! )

I absolutely HATED my dad for that.  I rarely got any say on what I wore.  It was always what they wanted.  I felt like a human doll.  Well, worse.  There’s nothing like having to EXPLAIN your clothes to people.  I had to do something.  So what did that result in?  Say it with me, ladies!  CHANGING CLOTHES AT SCHOOL.  Yeah.  It was ridiculous, but that’s what I did.  It would have worked, too.  Until that day I decided to be fast and wear a mini-mini-mini-skirt.  That resulted in a phone call home & a really bad “conversation” at home.

So what am I saying?  Let your kids have some say in what they eat, wear and carry to school.  It won’t kill you to give them options you can both live with.  As a matter of fact, sit them with you when you shop online.  There may be some things they want that you don’t know about.  At all costs, maintain peace in your home, child!

thumbs up

Ok, that’s all for now.  I’ve gotta go do some other stuff.  I’ll have more good stuff for you soon.

Love ya!




The BEST Back to School Planner I’ve Ever Seen!

Hi guys!  I’m back with another great find.  I love At Home With Nikki.  She’s one of my favorite YouTubers.  This time she’s hit it out of the park!!  I am definitely going to try this method to organize all of our kids’ paperwork.  They’re all going to be in a different school for the first time this year, so I need all the Help I can get!  Check out the video and let me know what you think!

*Oh, there’s only one modification I’d make.  I don’t carry around school supply lists.  I take a pic of them and check them off as I get items using the screen writing function.  I can text it to my husband and oldest son to help cut down shopping time too!

Watch “BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS | Parent School Binder Organization” onYouTube