My Favorite Organization Diva!!!

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If you’ve never heard of At Home With Nikki or At Work With Nikki, you’ve GOT to check her out!!!  She has awesome information, tutorials, resources & reviews for every area of your life!  She just blessed my business with this desk organization & tips video!  It’s specifically named for a reception desk, but it can be for your home office, study area or kid’s study space.  So here’s my share for the day.  Enjoy!


Is Your Office FREEZING? A Crazy Tip That Works!

I’m gonna bless you today.  No, really.  It’s gonna blow your mind and make you bless God!  If your office is cold when you go in (for whatever reason) and you have power, you only need one other thing:

a regular, old school coffeepot


Yup.  No joke.  So how is it gonna help you?  Run 2-3 cycles of plain water.  The steam from the process will warm your office (or area near the pot) in seconds!  I used to have to do this when my old store was open and the management would forget and turn the heat off on the weekend.  Hey, you gotta do something to survive!  And no one wants to buy jewelry in 50-60 degree weather.  So hopefully this little tip helps you and be sure to pass it on!

Love & encouragement,


Need Free (& Almost Free) Images? Here’s a BIG LIST!!

Hi everyone,

I may have shared this video before (if you follow me on FB you’ve seen it-start following to get my tip videos first), but even if I did, it bears sharing again.  Those of us who are bloggers, business owners, use social media or just want to make cute cards, logos or printables can use these resources.  I’ve also included a link back to the original post below so you can go get it all.



Click below!


Can Your Phone Do This? Great Tips!

Maybe I’m on the slow bus, but there are a ton of voice activated features on my phone that I didn’t know about!!  Did you guys know that you can snooze or stop alarms/notifications and all kinds of other cool stuff?  I didn’t.  Anyway, check out my crazy rant.  Maybe you’ll get something good out of it!  lol



Have A Little Girl You Need To Keep Busy? SUPER TIPS!!!

Hey y’all!  It’s been a minute since I’ve put up a DIY post for kids.  But this is my absolute favorite thing to do!  It actually saved my business!  But that’s for another post.  Anyway, if you’ve been with me for a while, you remember me mentioning My Froggy Stuff.  If not, just search my blog & it’ll pop up.  Well, we’ve been doing arts and crafts inspired by her videos for about 2 years now I suppose.  And man has it been fun!!!  Check out some of these candid shots (candid=they may be wonky because we didn’t edit them).  Most also include a link to the video we used or a related video.

Here’s our biggest project to date.  THE CAMPER


It was not quite finished here (as you can see), but it features a lot in a small space!  It has a full kitchen,  20160522_123830.jpg

Stove & mini fridge20160522_123749.jpg

Overhead storage, cabinets 20160522_123730.jpg& sink (don’t ask me where the faucet is-out inspector apparently was paid under the table to let some stuff slip)


Corner bench seating with storage underneath…20160522_123823.jpg

where our dolls love to sit and scarf down ribs!20160518_195042.jpg20160518_1950100.jpg

Some even had too much!20160518_194914.jpgDon’t ask me why there’s a fishing lure worm (no doubt from my Dad) and a snail in the picture.  Oh wait!  I forgot, my daughter said they’re having squid and snails too.  That girl & her imagination…

It also features a bathroom with a tub, invisible sink (it’s there, it’s just clear like the super cool contemporary houses),

20160522_123600.jpgtoilet and hardwood floors (that inspector is so fired).  And get the toilet & flooring guys back in here. 20160522_123551.jpgYou can also see the hot pink & white zebra print bunk beds,20160522_123907.jpg

which convert into additional seating when you flip up the top bunk,

20160522_123837.jpg    20160522_123709.jpg
or into a full open space when you flip both beds up.
The dolls just love it and have lots of fun lounging and enjoying their camper!      20160522_192111.jpg

When they travel, they make stops at playgrounds for the kids.
This one has a great tree house theme, tire swing, climbing rope and regular swing.
It even has cork as a super safe landing material!20150122061707We have made some other (creepy looking) attempts at grand projects.
Our first living room attempt with rock fireplace (super simple and totally awesome).  Would you like one of our 7 cakes?
20150122061437We’ve made a washing machine, the dryer is God knows where, guitar and bedding.  Not to mention the gargantuan closet!
On the next pic I put a link for closet ideas.  I figured you didn’t want one looking like this one!  LOL!!!!
20150122061507All that closet & 4 hangers.  Making hangers is the WORST!20150122061518

Our dining room table & chairs.  The fridge is to the left.  Another experience that was a labor of love.20150122061424And some came out really, really well!20150122061417To think that this all started out as a feeble attempt to make more dolly clothes.  2015012206121820150122061308Wait.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Whatever.  I love her more than I love the earrings.  I can find more earrings.
Where am I gonna find another daughter as awesome as mine?  Why would I want to?20150122061139    Do these pants make her butt look big?  LOLOLOL!!!!!

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our projects we’ve created over the years.  If you’d like to see even MORE inspiration (as if the bajillion links I put in this post weren’t enough), check out My Froggy Stuff on YouTube, Instagram & their blog (they have free printables and all kinds of tips).  Just click the pic below to go to the home page of their YouTube channel.froggy craft fireplace

Until next time, enjoy spending time with your kids!  And draw some bras on those Barbies!



That Turmeric Face Mask, Tho!!!

OMG, have y’all tried it yet???  I am in AWE, y’all!!  Ok, let me tell you what happened.  I was sitting around bored yesterday and was scrolling through about 4 different types of social media when I found a post about turmeric and how it makes an incredible face mask.  I had seen it before, but hadn’t really paid it much mind.  Because really, who sits around saying to themself, “Hey, let’s try a random skin diy treatment on the only face I’ve got”?  Me, that’s who.  Well at least yesterday I did.  So, this is what I did.

Side note:  I take turmeric anyway when I feel a stuffy nose, congestion, a weird achy feeling or stiff joints (you wouldn’t believe how much I type in a day, y’all).  It works like a DREAM.  Anyway, I have a bottle of turmeric curcumin supplement capsules sitting on my sink. So I said, why not?  I’ve already got the stuff to do it.  So I grabbed the scissors, snipped 3 open and went to work.

The one I tried wasn’t even the one I really needed to do.  I should’ve done the one for dry skin.  But I’m out of whatever it was you’re supposed to have.  I think it was coconut milk?  If I get my hands on some coconut milk it’s going in this hair!  Whoo, it works wonders!  But back to the main thing.  I did the one for glowing skin instead.  It was 1/4-1/2 tsp of turmeric (depending on the recipe you use) to 1 tsp of coconut oil.  You mix it and then apply it to your face and leave it for 10-30 minutes (depending on who you ask).  Then you wipe everything off with warm water & a cloth (just cut to the chase and use an orange cloth.  It’ll be orange if you decide not to anyway).  Or you can use a toner and cotton balls.  Just be ready to put a little work in to get it all off.  And be sure to not wear anything white or light.  Turmeric stains (you can see it on my beloved Cape Hatteras tee shirt below-insert sad face).  But I was able to clean everything up without any issue.  I put olive oil on my face afterward.

I’m so so so so glad I tried it!  Because when I did CHILD LET ME TELL YOU!!!!  GIRL, MY STUFF IS SMOOTH!  Not just smooth, but BABY BUTT, HIGH SCHOOL FRESH, CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING SMOOTH!  Laugh if you wanna, but you’ll be mad the next time you see me!  Yuuuuup!  That dead skin is outta here like last year!

This just may be my new regimen.  I have to wait to be sure my face doesn’t fall off, bump up or crack open.  Or worst case, I end up looking like dude from The Fly.  But so far, so good.  No, so far, so SMOOTH!

Ok, my excited rant is over.  Have you tried it?  Did you like it?  How did you do it?  Are you gonna try it?

20161010_113241 20161010_113310 20161010_113313 20161010_113323

Alright, y’all!  I’ll talk to you again soon!


Water Only Hair Washing. My Review!

Hey y’all!

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, but I took a little mini vacay and actually had no internet service at all.  It was refreshing for me, but almost a suicide attempt for my 15 year old.  LOL!!!!  Anyway, after many requests, I’ve decided to reveal my hair growth secret.  I made a video this time, because it was too much to type.  More than likely any hair posts will be via video through Facebook live.  If you’d like to get the video as it happens, just follow my Facebook page.  Thanks ever so much.  Well, on to how I got my hair to grow so fast in such a short period of time…

I hope you enjoy it!  And as promised, here are some links to some information & products I mentioned in the video:

Water only hair washing website

(there’s links to all the info she has, research, videos, etc. on her site)

Water only hair washing YouTube

(start with the Q&A vids first)

Sebum conditioning with Loving Dee Naturally

(if you decide to use oil rinses start with #73-present)

Shower head with filter on Ebay

(get the shower head and then just buy the replacement beads)

Hand held head massager in purple, black or white

(be warned…you will SLAP YO MAMA when you try this thing.  Don’t have yo mama calling me for ice.)

Vitagoods (via Walmart) $19

Brookstone $18.99

Oils, creams, butters

(free shipping & arrives in 2-3 days usually)

Oh, one last thing.  I forgot to mention that I have type 4b hair.  It’s cottony and in general can be very challenging to manage & hydrate.  However, since I’ve started this method, I have absolutely no problems with moisture and have combatted many prior hair issues due to dryness.  I’ll be back soon with another video dealing with the pros & cons & how to manage your hair during the process of going water only.  If you have questions, ask away!



An Unbelievable Tip to Lengthen the Life of Your Candles!! A DIY Bonus!

It’s tip time again!  This time it’s candles.  Candles can be EXPENSIVE!!!  But I found a way to beat it with one little trick:  a mug warmer.  Yep!  I know you’re like, WHAAAAT?  Yeah, child!  I discovered that you can put a glass candle (well the candles that come in jars or glass votives) on a mug warmer and it’ll last for YEARS.  I was so mad after I figured this out because I had a ton of candle nubs that I never used until the end and had thrown away.  I probably could have melted those joints down and made my own layer candles!  But at least now my candles last for years instead of months.  Using the warmer is also safer because you don’t have to worry about setting your house on fire.  But still keep an eye on it.

Speaking of candles, here’s my bonus diy tip.  If you have oyster or other shells, you can melt down wax and make your own pretty candles!  I used some tea light candles for the wax and used the wick too!  I just melted my wax in the microwave (30 seconds or so-WATCH IT) and put the wick in the middle and made these…


Gorgeous, right?  I could probably sell these!  Who’d like 3 for $5?  lol  I had a ball doing it and when I got fed up with fooling around with it I just poured the wax in a jar and put it away.  I DON’T SUGGEST using a pot that you cook with to melt wax.  I don’t want you killing yourself trying to cook with that pot again (& although I may attend your funeral, I’m not taking ANY responsibility)!  lol   Some of y’all are crazy and I have to tell you not to do crazy things…

So, go find a mug warmer and make your life easy again.  You can find them some of anywhere.  I think I got mine a million years ago at Family Dollar.  I don’t go to that store often, so I can’t say if they still carry them.  But Wally world might and I’m sure you can find one on ebay.  They’re kind of seasonal, so finding one in warmer months may be tricky.  Try ebay first.  Did you know they have USB ones now??  Yeah, child!  You can plug up your warmer right next to your tablet or laptop or pc and have hot yummy goodness while you work!  Here’s the way to find the best deal:

  1.  On Google, search for a mug warmer.  Put it in grid view.  Sort lowest to highest price.  Get your shop on.
  2.  On ebay (my personal fave), select “buy it now”, click grid view & sort lowest to highest price.  Be amazed.  Be very amazed.  You can use other filters like free shipping or US only by utilizing the side panel on the left.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you find anything good!!!  On to the next thing!




I Went Label Crazy, Y’all! Spice Tips, Too…

My latest love has got to be my label maker.  I have fallen head over heels for this thing!  From labeling my file folders for my greeting cards to relabeling my spice rack, it’s gotten pretty hot & heavy!  I wanted to share this with you because it really has made a great difference with my organizing.

First, I must apologize to all the labeling ladies who got the side eye from me.  I didn’t know.  I apologize!  You were right.  Labeling things not only makes things easier to find, but neater looking overall.   And one day I’ll get those gorgeous decorator file folders that match the binder & the notebook & the sticky notes, but for now vanilla manila is getting the job done!20160626_191254.jpg

So let me give you the back story to how I started labeling (I make it sound like an Olympic sport, right?)  Well, it all started with a trip to Goodwill.  I love browsing the aisles looking for new & like new treasures that people have decided to part with.  I’ve found some serious steals (I’ll get into all that in another post) in thrift stores and this was a day the Lord was smiling on me!  I’d been strolling along, just really there to kill time & get out of the house when I saw it.


The Brother P-touch labeler.  Labeller?  Whatever.  Spell check doesn’t like either rendition, so we’ll just continue.  Anyway, I got super excited.  Then I flipped it over and got UBER-EXCITED!  It was only FIVE BUCKS!  Then I almost tinkled when I realized that there was STILL LABEL IN IT!!!!  Y’all, you know I hauled my tail to the checkout to pay for this little beauty.  I’d heard such good things about labelers and the crazy amounts of fonts, sizes, pictures & other bells & whistles this one had.  So they got my money & I got my label maker.

I’m trying to remember what I actually labeled first.  It was some files in my business cabinet.  I was hooked.  So I did that for a while until I had to move on to other responsibilities & then I kind of forgot about it.  Until one fateful day…it was the day I decided to make over the kitchen.  Remember my post about that?  Well, part of it was cleaning the grody old spice rack I had.  Y’all, why?  Why did I choose to clean that thing?  Well, the jars at least.  I feel like this is going to be a long post.  I’ll stop around 1000 words, I promise.  There may be a part 2!  Anyway, I took all the jars out, assessed them & decided to clean them.  I tried wiping them down.  Nope.  Didn’t work.  Imagine trying to rub old gum off of glass.  The spice rack spins and sits beside the stove.  So years & years (I think it was a wedding gift which means it was 20+ years old) of grease, dust & whatever else was splattered on it.  I think I’m making it sound grosser than it was, but oh well.

So I soaked them in the sink with my husband’s patent pending cleaner.  They were mostly clean, but not spotless like I wanted.  So they went in the dishwasher and came out super squeaky clean!  I’m glad I didn’t put them in the dishwasher first. That thing probably would have had tears rolling down the front of it!  lol So I dried them (impatient) and used an old funnel from a steam mop (I cleaned it first) to fill the jars.  Then I noticed I was running low on garlic powder.  This is the norm in our house.  We use so much garlic powder that it should be investigated.  So I had a decision to make.  Where to refill on spices?

Side note:  This is my tip for you.  Try Christmas Tree Shops!  I think I’ve mentioned this before in other posts, but oh my goodness they have great spices at great prices!  For example, I got this large container of lemon pepper seasoning for $1.99.  I usually get my little Dollar Tree spices for $1 and only get about 1.25 ounces.  But look at this whopper!!

20160628_095627.jpg 20160628_095631.jpg

Yuuuuuup!  And their other spices are bigger, too!  Check it…20160628_095647.jpg

Gotta love it!  Ok, here’s Tip #2.  Don’t shake/pour your spices over a steaming pot.  Why?  The moisture from the steam will travel up into those little holes & mess up your spices.  Look at this clumpy mess!20160628_095738.jpg20160628_095753.jpg

That’s why it’s looking all nasty and whatnot.  So instead, pour the spice into your hand or a bowl, table spoon or a measuring spoon and then put it into the hot liquid.

Back to the story.  I bought so many spices (they had new blends I hadn’t seen before) that I had to use a Dollar Tree shoe storage box to store the overflow!  Well, to be honest, this is the second overflow.  20160628_101850.jpgHere’s how much spice I really had left over after refilling the spice rack bottles…  20160628_095847.jpg I may need to be admitted into somewhere for having this much spice sitting around.  But don’t worry, it won’t go to waste!

Now, back to the labels.  Here’s how excited I was.  I ripped off the old gross labels & got to designing and printing new ones.  I’m way to happy about this, y’all!

20160621_162659.jpg 20160621_162708.jpg 20160621_162626.jpg 20160621_162629.jpg 20160621_162634.jpg

And that’s when it happened.  My labels ran out.  Child, I just broke down.  I’m screaming”NOOOO!”
I’m mad.  I’m hurt.  I’m overreacting big time.  That’s when it hit me.  EBAY.  Yes!  Ebay can fix ANYTHING (I had to order the charger cord for my label maker from there, so why not this too)!  I hopped my butt on my app and promptly found a refill.  FOR FOUR DOLLARS!  Yes sir/ma’am!  Not the $15-$30 from the manufacturer.  I had to wait a couple of weeks, but to be honest the kitchen makeover was a lot more stressful than I had originally anticipated.  I was glad for the break.  And not having labels does not stop my recipes!  So when it came in the mail I was praying the whole time that it fit/worked.  It did!!!20160621_162741.jpg 20160621_162752.jpg

So I finished my spices.  It took me a bit to get the font right (so long that I didn’t care any more and went with the default font in caps).

img_20160705_194924.jpgimg_20160705_194934.jpgimg_20160705_194940.jpg img_20160705_194915.jpg

& the rest of my folders for my greeting cards.  By the way, if you want the list of headings I used, they are:

BIRTHDAY          THANK YOU          MOTHER’S DAY          FATHER’S DAY          GET WELL



So, I hope I gave you some inspiration or a good tip or two.  I don’t know what I’ll be labeling next, but I’m thinking about tweaking my binder system.  Have I told you about that yet?  Oooh, I feel another post coming on!

Until next time!  XO,