You’re Not in the Wilderness Because “Something is Wrong With You”

It’s about to get WILD, y’all!  The Father gave me this revelation this morning.  So this message is burning in my heart.  I’m really debating whether I should make this a video series and link it back to the blog from FB (pray my strength on that-you know I don’t always link them back to the blog because I forget), or if I should type it.  My fingers just don’t seem to be fast enough to get it all down!

This is a crucial topic that I must share with you because if you are or have been in the wilderness and dread ever going there again, you have got to hear this message!

Tell me which you prefer!



Stop Stopping Yourself

Your mindset is fuel.  It can propel you to greatness or into a ditch.  Think about it.  When you’re determined to do a thing, what makes you go through with it?  Your mindset.  Now where you end up, that’s a completely different thing.  But for now, let’s look at getting a hold of your mindset and using it to move in a positive direction.

When you receive an opportunity, how do you react?  Here lately, I’ve started noticing my inward feelings and my outward actions.  I’ll hear about an opportunity and my mind quickly goes to work, rolling it over, examining it like a jewel, assessing its value, looking for flaws and the significance of those flaws.  Sometimes the opportunity is put back on the shelf, others it’s snatched up because of its potential.  But that’s just how I see it.

So here’s the dilemma:  if you can only see negative at the moment (that’s easy for me at the time because I’ll be honest, I’m in the midst of a transition so there are things that try to bring me to a place of frustration.  So I have to “check myself” often) you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.  You are using your fuel (mindset) to go to a place you really don’t want to be.  If you don’t want to end up with negative results, why use your fuel to go there?

Ok, am I sounding crazy?  Feel free to tell me.  I’ll just cut to the chase.  Here’s some things that must stop for you to see positive change in your life:

Talking yourself out of success

When a situation arises, focus on the positive.  Even if it looks like failure, stay focused.  Even if things don’t work out, what did you learn?  Who did you meet?  Who did you help?  Who helped you?  What information did you gain through the process?  Be sure to focus on those things.  Learning is never failure unless you don’t use that info for later.  What we think of as failure is actually information to put in our toolbox to keep going.

Sometimes you just need to rework an idea or use different methods to get there.  Having a longevity mindset (think years instead of days, generations instead of a few years) can change everything and put you in a place of legacy instead of being a blip on the screen.

Cheer yourself on.  Go back to the initial place of inspiration.  What prompted you to try in the first place?  Even if you have to change the plan to reach the goal, keep trying!  Believe!!!

Don’t give up before you even begin!  Don’t give up when you start!  Don’t give up when you’re halfway there!  Don’t give up when you’re so close to the end!  Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way and at the end of the process!!!

Making excuses

“I don’t __________” (have the money, know how, have the connections, have the time, have the energy, know who to ask, know where to go, know what to do, have what it takes).  You didn’t know the ins and outs of sitting up, but you do it.  You didn’t know how to roll over or crawl as a baby, but you know how now.  The point is, you have a ton of potential, resources and support that you just need to tap into.  Make the effort, not excuses.  God made Google for a reason.  Get to Googling!

Being a slacker

I can’t STAND laziness!  I can’t.  Don’t get me wrong, there are areas that I’m just trifling with.  Thank GOD for my husband.  He’s truly my match and my other half.  If he didn’t do what he does, this house would be in a shambles.  I don’t do the majority of the dishes or vacuuming.  I don’t.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE doing dishes and vacuuming.  When I was a kid, those were my 2 chores and I had to do them over and over until they were perfect.  I mean the lines had to be a certain way in the carpet or I had to do it all over.  Now THAT’S how you make a kid hate something for life.  But I digress.  I hate doing it, but I still help.  I will go get the replacement bags, put the vacuum away, make sure the kids vacuum their rooms and even though I really don’t like it, I suck it up and vacuum.  I do those stupid dishes even though I hate it.  Thankfully, there are parts my husband hates doing that doesn’t really bother me.  I play my part and suck it up when I have to do it all alone.  The relationship and the functioning of the household are more important than my feelings.  Once I saw that, I had a different mindset about it.

Allowing discouragement to stop you

Man, look.  A lot of things take time.  Sometimes you get what you want quickly and wonder what in the world you were thinking asking for it in the first place.  Life is interesting that way.  Take it all in stride.  One thing that truly helps is taking the focus off of yourself.  What can you do to help those around you?  Be there for someone else.  While your back is turned helping others, the Lord will help you!

I really want you to have a life you enjoy.  I didn’t say have the perfect life (like that even exists-we have no idea what we really need).  But really sit back and look at where you are and where you could be.  You can take that statement both ways.  If you’re happy where you are, be grateful!  Express it to those who are the reason for that happiness!  If you’re not happy, look at where you could be and make plans to get there.

Nothing is stopping you but you.  YOUR mindset.

Love & blessings!


Regroup With Joy

I have a ton of what I call “crap piles” in my house.  Before you freak out, it’s just what I call those piles of papers, random sticky notes & receipts that I scoop and dump into drawers when people come over or when I need to get to something else.  Since moving my office back home, there are no less than 15 now.  Yeah, it’s pretty severe.

But all is not lost!  I have found a way that I can get a lot sorted in a little time.  I used to try to think of everything then make labels, sort and put away.  Not any more.  I sort as I go, making piles and then when I get finished I make labels then put away.  For some of you, this was a “duh!” but it took me forever to learn to sort that way.  I don’t know why, but it seemed like I had to figure out what to do before I got started.  But now, using this method, I see it’s easier to start and then adapt as I go along.  Uh oh…uh oh…did you just see that revelation?  Yeah, you can’t see to the bottom of the pile when you’re starting out, sweetie!  So just keep going, stay diligent and when you get to the end, it’ll all be sorted out.  It’s ok to not see everything.  It can be overwhelming!  But just hang in there, it’ll all work out!

Today’s Inspiration

Sometimes you wanna give up.


Don’t give up, give in.  Give into the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for peace of mind.  Receive it.  Feel His presence come.  Feel the stress dissipate.  Listen for His voice.  Open your Bible and absorb His word.  Pursue peace.  This is what we can’t give up on.  Pursuing peace.  When we’re at peace, everything flows.


Food For Thought…


Look at that picture again?  Let it sink in…deep.  Today’s the last day of January.  Have you been fighting to hold onto something and it’s just not working out?  Give it to God.  Our Father has much bigger hands and has much bigger plans for our lives than we do.  Yes, small things have their time and place.  But there’s a time to move on to bigger and better.  Now don’t get me wrong, bigger doesn’t always mean what you think it means.  Once I went from full time to part time.  My job responsibilities (and my check) got smaller, but my time to do more things that He’d called me to got so much bigger!  My joy got bigger!  My space between tasks got bigger so my rest got bigger.  Man, it was awesome!  So sit at his feet and see what your “bigger” is and what it means.  You won’t regret it!


Just a quick reminder before I leave…fb_img_1445599975315-2

You aren’t working to make things work are you?  I hope not.  Our blessings are gifts.  We don’t work for gifts.  We receive them and say thank you.  So take that next breath and put it to good use.  Tell God thank you for all He’s freely given through Christ Jesus.

Love & encouragement,


What’s Your Dream?

textgram_1476917076.pngTake time out dream!  Stop running & ripping making someone else’s dream happen and work on yours!  If you’re tired of something in your life, there’s a reason.  Take time out to sit and dream.  Don’t waste time worrying about what is happening, sit and consult God on what could be happening in your life.  He has plans, dreams and goals for YOU!  Time to start listening to what HE says about your life and start moving accordingly.  Do you have a vision board?  Expound upon it by making a notebook.  Have the notebook?  Make the checklist.  Have the checklist?  Fill out the calendar.  You can take steps towards your dream.  But they’re your feet and only you can use them.  Need a good place to start?  Try Pinterest.  Make Dream Boards!  There’s nothing you can’t do.  Just take some time to hear His Spirit concerning your life.  Contrary to what some are saying, we don’t have to wait until the by and by to enjoy our life.  If you have to be dead to enjoy it, why call it living?

Yeah….ponder on that.

Love & encouragement,


Why Your “Work” Isn’t Working

textgram_1436182938You ever wondered why sometimes no matter how much you work at a thing, you can’t get it to work, but as soon as you step away and sit down…BAM!  There it is?

I used to.  I don’t anymore.  Now I try to sit down before I do anything.  I talk to the Father about it, give it to Him, wait for a response.  If I don’t hear anything, I may poke at it a bit.  If it doesn’t work, I know He’ll fix it without my help.  Yes.  It’s just that easy.

As Christians, we should be a reflection of the truth of God.  His Son.  Jesus is in fact, the way, the TRUTH & the life.  So how do we reflect God’s truth?  By doing things His way, from a state of rest, not work.  The world says to work.  Toil.  Worry.  Struggle.  Strive.  Grind.  Push.  Force.  Use all of our strength, time & energy to make it happen ourselves.  But that’s the problem.  Once you give your life to Christ, the methods of success are completely on HIM.  He gave us the gift of righteousness and all the blessings that come with it.  Remember the 10 Commandments?  They were given to show mankind that they can’t measure up to God’s standards.  God showed us that His standards can’t be met by our efforts.  They’re unobtainable because of what Adam did!  But what Jesus did at the Cross covered all our sins so we aren’t TRYING to get right with God, but are now right with God and don’t have to work and strive to be.  So when you read & think  about Romans 16:4, remember that you don’t need to EARN God’s heart, love & blessings.  You already have them.  It was included in the gift of Salvation.  Rest in that.  Now from that restful place, go SHINE and show others that you don’t have to be perfect because God already placed you in the Perfect One, Jesus.

Love & encouragement,