Followup (Bus Driver Situation)

Hey y'all, So...if you didn't get to read the first part of this post, check it out here.  Ok, so I called the transportation department of the school system and told them everything.  I got a response/question I didn't expect.  I was asked for the day/time of the incident so they could PULL THE TAPE!  … Continue reading Followup (Bus Driver Situation)

Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

My daughter's been threatened with suspension from her bus. What did she do? Not sitting in her assigned seat. Why? Another child is sitting in her seat, so she has to sit elsewhere. Has she tried to handle it? Yes. She talked to the boy 3 times and he's refused to move. Has she told … Continue reading Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

Is Your Child Struggling With Math?

Letting Go of Disappointment, Hurt & Anger (Repost)

Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…

Hey guys, I haven't actually written a post in forever.  But since little people have homework time, I decided to take the few minutes between checking math problems to give you an update.  Stuff has been a bit hectic.  Not because there was so much to do or because the tasks were hard, but because … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…