Food For Thought…


Look at that picture again?  Let it sink in…deep.  Today’s the last day of January.  Have you been fighting to hold onto something and it’s just not working out?  Give it to God.  Our Father has much bigger hands and has much bigger plans for our lives than we do.  Yes, small things have their time and place.  But there’s a time to move on to bigger and better.  Now don’t get me wrong, bigger doesn’t always mean what you think it means.  Once I went from full time to part time.  My job responsibilities (and my check) got smaller, but my time to do more things that He’d called me to got so much bigger!  My joy got bigger!  My space between tasks got bigger so my rest got bigger.  Man, it was awesome!  So sit at his feet and see what your “bigger” is and what it means.  You won’t regret it!


Just a quick reminder before I leave…fb_img_1445599975315-2

You aren’t working to make things work are you?  I hope not.  Our blessings are gifts.  We don’t work for gifts.  We receive them and say thank you.  So take that next breath and put it to good use.  Tell God thank you for all He’s freely given through Christ Jesus.

Love & encouragement,


My New Facebook Business Networking Group!

I finally did it!  The Lord has been telling me to share information about how I started, built & maintain my business.  Not just that, but to create a way for others to share how they did it too!  There’s a ton of things that I’ll cover, but here’s a video on why you should join today!  Oh yeah, there’s a second video as well that covers the basics & rules on what we do, how we do and how we can play nice together.


Here’s a link to the second video and to the group itself.  Leave me a comment and tell me some things you’d like to discuss and see!

Kick It to the Curb!

You know I’m always encouraging you to ditch the clutter, so here it is!  A compilation of items that have GOT TO GO from ClutterBug herself!  I tried to put the link here, but it’s just not acting right.  But the point is to GET. IT DONE.  Take your items that are fit to pass on to your local donation station & be a blessing to yourself and to your community.




(Here’s a direct link if the picture doesn’t take you there.)

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Living in Harmony

Think this quote is just about Black History Month? Nope. Just about race relations? Nope. Just the state of the world in general? Nope. Let’s take baby steps.

How about we apply this lesson to our homes?

There are days I just want to….well, do something that would not be categorized as constructive. The Bible says: A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. That is so true. But what’s even faster than hands is the mouth.

How many times have we had a great day, situation or moment then said something stupid? No, stoopud. I mean, just so dumb that you want to smack yourself! I’ve been there! Maybe you have too.

So, what can we do? First, be grateful. When you’re relishing the moment, enjoying how good it is, thanking the Lord for it, it’s harder for those crazy thoughts to enter in. There’s simply no place for them. Second, vocalize how thankful you are and why to others. An atmosphere of praise always shifts the mood and encourages others to join in. Finally, help someone else to see the good in their day. No matter how big or small a compliment, the goal is to make them smile and start a flow of praise to the Lord from their lips. So fix your eyes on the goodness of the Lord and start living in harmony with those around us. That’s how we fix the world. Start in our home then move out to our community, city, state and the world.

Have a great day and I pray that you’ll see all the good around you and tell others how great the Lord is for it!

Love and encouragement,


What’s Your Dream?

textgram_1476917076.pngTake time out dream!  Stop running & ripping making someone else’s dream happen and work on yours!  If you’re tired of something in your life, there’s a reason.  Take time out to sit and dream.  Don’t waste time worrying about what is happening, sit and consult God on what could be happening in your life.  He has plans, dreams and goals for YOU!  Time to start listening to what HE says about your life and start moving accordingly.  Do you have a vision board?  Expound upon it by making a notebook.  Have the notebook?  Make the checklist.  Have the checklist?  Fill out the calendar.  You can take steps towards your dream.  But they’re your feet and only you can use them.  Need a good place to start?  Try Pinterest.  Make Dream Boards!  There’s nothing you can’t do.  Just take some time to hear His Spirit concerning your life.  Contrary to what some are saying, we don’t have to wait until the by and by to enjoy our life.  If you have to be dead to enjoy it, why call it living?

Yeah….ponder on that.

Love & encouragement,


Why Your “Work” Isn’t Working

textgram_1436182938You ever wondered why sometimes no matter how much you work at a thing, you can’t get it to work, but as soon as you step away and sit down…BAM!  There it is?

I used to.  I don’t anymore.  Now I try to sit down before I do anything.  I talk to the Father about it, give it to Him, wait for a response.  If I don’t hear anything, I may poke at it a bit.  If it doesn’t work, I know He’ll fix it without my help.  Yes.  It’s just that easy.

As Christians, we should be a reflection of the truth of God.  His Son.  Jesus is in fact, the way, the TRUTH & the life.  So how do we reflect God’s truth?  By doing things His way, from a state of rest, not work.  The world says to work.  Toil.  Worry.  Struggle.  Strive.  Grind.  Push.  Force.  Use all of our strength, time & energy to make it happen ourselves.  But that’s the problem.  Once you give your life to Christ, the methods of success are completely on HIM.  He gave us the gift of righteousness and all the blessings that come with it.  Remember the 10 Commandments?  They were given to show mankind that they can’t measure up to God’s standards.  God showed us that His standards can’t be met by our efforts.  They’re unobtainable because of what Adam did!  But what Jesus did at the Cross covered all our sins so we aren’t TRYING to get right with God, but are now right with God and don’t have to work and strive to be.  So when you read & think  about Romans 16:4, remember that you don’t need to EARN God’s heart, love & blessings.  You already have them.  It was included in the gift of Salvation.  Rest in that.  Now from that restful place, go SHINE and show others that you don’t have to be perfect because God already placed you in the Perfect One, Jesus.

Love & encouragement,


“Do Not Fear”


I won’t even try to count the number of times the Bible says to not be afraid.  Someone did already.  Google it and let me know what it says!  LOL  But seriously, what do we have to fear?  God made this whole world as a gift and playground for us.  Why do we tremble at little things when we are so precious to our Father that he controls each and every blood cell, breath & circumstance?  Let’s repent.  Not the crying, snotting, screaming that some have taught, but the actual meaning of the word repent:  to change one’s mind.  Change your mind about the outcome of your situation.  It WILL be good.  Change your mind about how you think God is.  He is FOR you, not  against you.  He is concerned about everything you are and has already worked it out in your favor.  God is the ultimate perfectionist!  He loves you so much that he designed every detail about you!  Think on this:

God was so enamored by you that he decided how you would look down to every cell from birth to eternal life.  So when you were born, 1 day old, 2 days old, up until this very second and until eternity, HE DESIGNED YOU.  Oh yeah, you have His attention.  He loves you infinitely.  He’s already handled your business and only wants the best for you and for you to enjoy the life He gave you.  So give Him the gift of enjoying your life.  Trust me, you have NOTHING to worry about!


Love & encouragement,


What’s in Your Cup?

1While some may prefer coffee, others may prefer tea and still others (especially in this weather) adore hot chocolate, we must gravitate and always crave water.  Not H20, but the water that washes us.  The Word.  I heard recently that the first 7 minutes of your day dictate the rest of your day.  Hmmmm….I don’t know if that’s true, but that first few minutes do mean a lot.  When you open your eyes, what do you do first?  Stumble to the bathroom?  Run to the bathroom?  lol Grab your phone?  Grab your spouse?  Turn on the TV?  Turn on the radio/music?


I won’t lie.  I don’t thank God within the first 7 minutes MOST of the time.  But within the first 7 minutes I do realize that He is there and that I need to say SOMETHING to Him.  Sometimes it’s a declaration over my day.  Sometimes it’s a prayer.  Sometimes it’s a Thank You.  But no matter what, be sure to start your day with Him.  Trust me, you’ll need Him before the day is out!

Love & encouragement,