A Life Lesson for My Kids

We had to have a pow-wow.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  Enough was enough.  If you read my last post, you know what I mean.  I had to handle this foolishness.  But instead of approaching the situation like I usually do (some eyebrow raising & a little fussing), I decided to take a much different approach.

I went corporate on their butts.

Yup.  I called them into my office.  Asked them to have a seat.  Pulled out a notepad & pen.  And then I began.

Hello.  I am giving you a performance review & evaluation today.  My job as your mother is to not only train you & love you, but to supervise you and review your performance to make sure you’re aware of the expectations, meeting those expectations and ultimately equipped to complete the tasks ahead successfully.  I’ve done a self evaluation & come to the conclusion that I have not been doing a good job lately.  I’m here to remedy that.  Let’s begin with a few questions.

*By this time the boys’ eyes are looking like martians landed IN OUR HOUSE.  It took all I had not to bust out laughing.  But I had to stay the course.  They had to get the full consult.

  1. What should you do be doing on a daily basis?  (they say their respective chores & responsibilities-and leave out a lot)
  2. Anything else? (they list more-and still leave out some)
  3. Are you currently taking care of those responsibilities?
  4. Are those tasks complete? (no-which means they’re NOT COMPLETE!!!)
  5. What do you need to complete the tasks? (nothing, they say)
  6. Is there anything you need to complete the tasks? (no-one gets suspicious because he realizes that I’ve asked the same question twice.  He knows he’s in BIG trouble.  The other is still oblivious)

So, it gets ugly.  We put all the cards on the table.  I put out the big dogs.  “If your father & I died, who is going to take care of everything?”  “If you can’t support your caregiver, what kind of person are you?”  “When you undermine those who are taking care of you, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”  “What do you really gain by being lazy?”  “When you practice being lazy/a bully/disrespectful you get good at it.”  “Break bad habits before bad habits break you.”  “Us saying yes or no to what you want is based not on our love for you or your siblings, but on what God says and what the family needs.”

You know, that kind of stuff.  They didn’t agree with every topic we discussed & I’m ok with that.  I needed them to know that.  It’s ok to disagree, but there’s always more going on that they don’t know about or fully understand.  We talked about bills, wants & needs, the calling on their lives & love.  At the end, it was better.  I know they will need another talk.  Oh, it’s coming.  We’re going to get down & dirty.  We’re pulling out the bill list and some play money.  They’re about to get the Theo Huxtable lesson on life & economics!  They also had to know about the sacrifices that were made for them.  They also had to be shown that they must use the opportunities that God has blessed them with to get some of the material things they want.

Overall it went very well.  The attitude was gone.  Now they’re on algebra apps & prepping for STEM camp.  I’m keeping a watchful eye & praying I remain diligent & consistent.

My husband & I love to talk to our kids.  We want them to UNDERSTAND things.  Not just take orders & figure out what it all means later when they’re on their own.  That’s not our method.  We’re going to let our kids know what’s up & let them know they’re loved.  Most of all, we’re going to let them know to fully rely on God.  If we don’t do anything else, we must let them know that He is the one who provides, protects & loves them most of all.  They’ll be ok.  God has them in His hand (which is much bigger than mine!) and I trust Him.


They Almost Got Put Out…

Y’all know I love my kids, right?  Even with their faults (which are mainly reflections of my own) they still are my heart and make my day.  But this summer, they’ve tried to be the laziest, hobo bums I’ve ever seen!  I mean, chores not done, not done right, grumbling & complaining, attitude, whining & still eating my food!

I’ve told them a million times that I would sell them on Ebay buy 1 get 2 free.  I’ve warned them not to mess with me.  Even their daddy says I’m crazy and to leave me alone and just do what I say.  But noooooooo!  They want to test a momma.  They’re gonna end up on the curb with a bologna sandwich and a sign that says “FREE” if they keep on.

But I know that won’t work.  Someone will pick up those adorable faces.  THEN BRING THEM BACK WHEN THEY FIND OUT HOW MUCH THEY EAT!!!!

It’s ok.  I’ve got a plan.  They’re not ready.  They don’t know who they’re messing with.  They may have youth & speed, but I’ve got wisdom & patience.  Not to mention the house is in my name…

Let the games begin

*Stay tuned for the next episode of:




Liquid Meat Tenderizer is THE BIDNESS!!!

Here’s my tip for the day! Every time I use this product I’m amazed! It’s all natural and so easy to use. Those pork chops I cooked on the George Foreman came out like butta’! I should have done a video, but I was hungry. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s my video from this morning on some tips and links to where you can find everything (you can also click the pic below). Have a great day!

liquid meat tenderizer

3V didn’t have their liquid meat tenderizer on their site, but they sure had it on Amazon!  It’s well worth the price at $3.99.


Dollar Tree is chock full of spices. Check out some of their selection. They vary by store so just be aware.

Christmas Tree Shops didn’t have their spices listed online, but you’ve GOTTA check out the things that they do have online! Don’t forget to use the popup coupon!

So I hope this helps you with feeding your pack over the summer. I understand now why the kids would be 6 inches taller when they started school in the fall. Thank God I bought another freestanding freezer before they started to swarm my kitchen! LOL



Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed (The Conclusion)

Hey guys.  You’ve made it to the last installment & I know you can’t wait.  I would drag it out and build even more suspense, but if you read part 1 & part 2 I know you can’t take it any more!  Plus some of you have my phone number & I know you’re going to call & get on me!  So let the conclusion begin…

I left off with us talking to AAA.  We finally get them on board and decide to return to where the Uber guy dropped us off.  We get lost AGAIN!!!  I hate parking decks.  I can’t blame the deck, but I do.  It was just trauma.  And another 20-30 minutes of trying to find where the heck we came in!  Then Jesus dropped a light bulb.  Why the ham sammich were we trying to get back to where we were??  Just tell the driver where you are and let them figure out how to get there!  DUUUH!!!!

So we get Uber on the line again & go outside to get picked up.  In no time flat!  It was 3 minutes y’all, I swear.  So here comes the Uber guy.  In a Buick.  Wait, that’s a Buick?  They’re not playing in that commercial!  I want one now.  I really thought that you had to be at least 50 to drive one, but the hubby & I discussed it.  It’s in our top 5.  This guy was so nice.  We told him how our day was going & he was rolling.  Mainly at how he’d have to get on the highway, get off the highway then off again because our car was facing westbound & we were on the eastbound side.  Thankfully we saw the AAA guy pulling up to get the car as we passed it to turn around.  He dropped us off & unfortunately I couldn’t tip him.  I gave the first guy all my big bills ( a whopping $10) and the cafeteria got my last $1 for those cookies!  So I prayed for him (let Jesus bless him.  He can do much more than I can, right?) & we were on our way.

Next enters Chris the AAA guy (who is probably snapchat famous by now-I’ll explain in a moment).  Chris is a little 20 something cutie with a blond crew cut.  Who almost got squished by several cars on the highway.  THIS DUDE decides to hook up the car on the side where the traffic was!!!!  Oh my God.  We’re praying in tongues at this point.  Jesus, send angels and put their wings around this man!  He tells us we can sit in the cab (in the A/C) & hooks up the car without incident.  While he’s working we’re fooling around while she’s trying to help me squeeze in the back seat (I found the second side door at the end of the trip).  Sheer genius.  So Chris hops in and we start heading for home, making polite chit chat along the way.  And that’s when we see her.

A little girl (early 20s) driving along with her friend and both of them are on the cell phone like they’re not in a car or on a highway or anything!  So Tiff is like, “Look at this girl!  She’s all on the phone texting and supposed to be driving!!  Lord, she’s gonna kill someone.”  Chris to the rescue.  We had already passed her (I guess driving was less important so she wasn’t going the speed limit on the highway-bogging down traffic so she text/browse/post) so he slowed down.  He was just going to tap the horn & tell her to get off the phone.  But oh no!  This chick decides to flip him the bird!!!  So he keeps hitting the horn.  Did she quit?  No!  Worse!  This girl turns on the camera AND STARTS FILMING THE TRUCK!  Yes.  SHE’S MAKING A VIDEO WHILE SHE’S DRIVING!!!!   He kept blowing the horn.  She kept filming.  She follows us for miles and she’s randomly flipping people off and filming the AAA truck.  Now she goes around to the other side & her friend flips us off.  Now both flip us off.  Now her friend starts filming.  Now the best part (I shouldn’t say that, it’s kind of mean to say).  Her friend takes a big cup and hurls it at the AAA truck.  What happened?  THE ENTIRE CUP FLIPS AROUND AND THE WHOLE CONTAINER (of whatever is in there-hope it was water, tee hee) & BLOWS INTO HER FACE!  That car must have been soaked inside because that was a huge cup.  Needless to say, she has to take the next exit to clean up.  I haven’t had a laugh that good in a while.  Even though I felt bad for her.  What kind of day was she having that she would flip someone off for trying to save her life?

A few minutes later we’re back in our home town.  Thank God.  Chris drops us off at the mechanic & we are quickly met by my husband, my mocha hero.  Unfortunately for him, he had to hear Tiff & I retell this crazy story all the way to her house and the rest of the way home.  I’ve had crazy incidents before, but half the time he doesn’t believe me.  He thinks I make this stuff up.  I think next time he’ll believe me!

So I guess you figured out how this 3 part series got its name.  Yes, this was a Harold & Kumar movie without the sex, cussing & bag of weed.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I’m just glad that my life is back to its normal level of crazy.  Until next time…


Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed Part 2

Hey y’all!  Welcome back to part 2 of the foolishness.  If you didn’t read the first part, go back & check it out.  It lays the foundation for the foolishness to come in this installment.

Ok, here we go!  We’re in the hospital parking deck.  Ground floor.  Level orange.  Now, we were just here a few weeks ago for her initial appointment.  We should remember how to get back to it again, right?  Uh, no.  NEVER put two directionally challenged people together and expect them to accomplish anything besides getting lost.  Multiple times.  Ok, so it took us 2 or 3 elevator rides, some awkward elevator incidents and a few turnarounds, but we get to the appointment.  I sit in the waiting room and well, wait.

In all of the hustle & bustle, I realize that my phone is down to like 7%.  one thing about me is that I keep an eye on my phone levels like a hawk when they get around 30%.  Anything higher?  I’m making it rain with the apps.  I mean, 12 or 13 are open at one time.  But let me get that beep-beep at 30%.  Oh we are on high alert!  Close everything, NOW.  So I’m looking for a socket & lie to you not.  This place is like the Willie Wonka elevator, y’all!  Almost all windows.  So my phone goes down to 5% and the “battery critically low” screen pops up.  Are you kidding me?  I am hunting like a mad woman for a socket.  I finally find a socket by the water fountain (gotta love someone’s idea to put the electricity by the water-whatever you’re already in the hospital if you screw up).  Ever notice the waiting rooms in the hospital?  Did you know that in some places the chairs are connected?  I didn’t before, but I learned that day.  To get my charger to the socket, I had to drag (more like draaaaaaaaaag) the 4 connected chairs down.  Folk were looking at me with the side eye, but they didn’t know my struggle.  And I am NOT about to put my phone on a hospital floor so it can charge.  I don’t want Ebola monkey germs all up and down the side of my face.  Y’all are just gonna have to deal with it today!

A few minutes later Tiff emerges from her appointment.  Yay!!!  Time to go home!  Wait.  NO CAR, DUMMY!  Jesus, be my strength.  I ask if she’s called AAA.  Nope.  I forgot that you don’t want to call them too early.  They will literally find your skeleton holding your cell phone with their number on the screen.  Not to mention some of those roadside assistance people are ratchet (I hate that word, but I felt like it was appropriate under the circumstances) and they actually make your situation 10 times worse than it originally was.  So we look at each other and say, “So…you wanna get some lunch?”  We both bust out laughing.  It’s hard work being involved in something this ridiculous!  You need to fuel up before you go sit & wait Lord knows how long until the truck comes.  We had really worked up an appetite (stress & all that durn walking) & it was time to find something good to eat.  We started off down the hall & saw signs directing us to the cafeteria.  We got on the elevator & that’s when I saw it.  Some sign about “If you have experienced the following symptoms…” with pictures of all manner of pre-stages of death on the sign.  I stuck my face in my shirt.  Tiff saw me and said “What are you doing??” I just pointed to the sign and said “I think the air is safer in my shirt!”  The elevator dinged and I pushed her out.  She was very grateful.  We stumbled down the hall & finally found the cafeteria.

Praise the Lord!  FOOD!  We ended up in a huge room full of food.  A room full of nothing we wanted to eat.  I don’t know what it was, but we just couldn’t make a decision!  The food didn’t look bad, but you know how sometimes it looks like it would be ok but you don’t want to risk it?  Yeah.  It had been more than 15 minutes of looking and neither one of us could make up our minds!  So I was wandering around trying to figure out what I’d settle for when I saw it.  A Chick-fil-A sign!!!  Ok, NOBODY can mess up Chick-fil-A!  It was worth a shot.  So what did we do?  Ask for more directions.

Off we went, mouths watering, hopes high.  What did we get?  Lost again!  Our mistake was asking for directions.  Well, not asking, but asking the wrong person.  We asked this little boy at one of the department desks and I’m not lying, he must have been sitting in for his cousin who actually worked there.  So while his cousin was probably off in the bathroom or buying snacks, this nut bar was willfully & bountifully giving horrible directions.  You know you shouldn’t take directions from a person who looks lost while they’re giving them!  He gave us two sets of directions and both were wrong.  Jesus help.

So we asked a lady who looked like she actually worked at the hospital and she got us right there.  Thank God for Chick-fil-A.  Well…for the food anyway.  There’s even more foolishness.  This location didn’t have the regular sign (stuff was all out of place so you had to actually look for what you wanted) so it took me a bit to place my order.  The gentleman was very nice and up to the usual Chick-fil-A standard.  His coworker however, was not.  She was a hot, rude mess.  She was loud, had a nasty attitude  and was acting like she was mad because we needed Polynesian sauce.  Who DOESN’T want Polynesian sauce?? Everyone knows it’s like tasty liquid gold!  Then she only gave us one each!!  What the world?  Everyone always gives 2.  You know you need one for your sandwich and one for your fries (or to carry in your purse for when you make home made nuggets at home and want to feel fancy).  Come on, lady…

So we sat down & ate and decided we’d go find a charging station (again) and call AAA.  But first, let’s go get dessert!  But we weren’t getting it from where we were.  We were not getting the stankness from ‘ol girl again.  So back to the cafeteria we went (yep, we got lost again) and checked out the sweets.  Y’all I know these people are on crack.  Why was a pudding cup like $2!?!  It was crazy!!!  So I grabbed some cookies and she ate some warheads.

Then we saw it.  The perfect oasis.  The outer courtyard/balcony/patio.  It was heaven.  Chairs & tables.  Gazebos.  Cool breezes & warm sun.  Open skyline with nothing but blue sky.  Only 3 other people there and they were far enough away that you didn’t even need to pull out your Southern pleasantries & hospitality.  Man, we must have sat out there 45 minutes!  Just chilling and talking and enjoying our dessert.  We seriously considered making it a vacation spot.  Aside from it being part of the hospital (eeew), it was marvelous!

But, we still had a problem.  Um….how we getting home again?  Oh yeah, AAA!  We still haven’t called them!  So we go to another spot in the hospital with a charging station and move on to the next fiasco:  trying to explain to a towing company where your car is, why it’s there, what you need them to bring, where you are and if they’ll tell you when the tow guy gets there.  Oh yeah, tell him we need a ride!

You’d think that there would be some end to this story, but nope.  Not yet.  You still have one installment left.  It’s even more incredible than the first two!  You won’t believe what we go through when the AAA guy finally gets there…

Come back by tomorrow to the conclusion to this crazy story!  See you then!



Sex, Cussing & a Bag of Weed

Before you think I’ve lost it for real, let me tell you.  My friend and I had a day straight from a Harold & Kumar movie!  All that was missing was the sex, cussing & a bag of weed!  Think I’m lying?  Let me take you on the journey with us…

My friend Tiff had to go to the hospital for a followup visit one city over so I decided I’d tag along.  We’re just riding along, joking and laughing.  We get into the city & the car starts tripping!  Lights on her GPS panel start blinking.  Ok, no big deal.  A few minutes later, the GPS panel goes completely dark.  She calls her hubby and he says no big deal.  So we trek on.  Less than another mile down the road, the dash lights start to blink.  Then the levels start going all over the place.  We both are concerned, but no big deal.  Then the dash lights go out COMPLETELY.  So here we are, no GPS, no speedometer, gas light, etc.  Stuff just got real.  But, just when she was about to start wigging out I said, “It’s ok.  The brake and the gas work, right?”  She tests them.  Yep.  Ok, no big deal!  We’re close enough that we can actually see our exit on the highway.  Oh wait, I didn’t mention we were on the highway, did I?  Yes, chirren.  We were on a major highway in some considerable traffic.  But we keep cool and decide to go to Auto Zone directly after we are done at the hospital.

So now the real fun begins.

The car completely dies.

Yup.  All I hear her say is “Uh, oh.  That’s it.  It’s gone.”  Now on the outside, I guess I was calm.  On the inside, I was freaking the freak out.  My inner monologue started something like this:

“Uh oh?  UH OH?  GIRL, WHAT YOU MEAN, UH OH?!  OH (BAD WORD) NO!  NOT ON THE SIDE OF THIS CRAZY (BAD WORD) HIGHWAY!!!  UM, DO YOU NOT SEE THAT 50 FOOT DROP ON MY SIDE OF THE CAR?”  (There was a concrete waist high wall there, but that didn’t matter at that point-I was in the losing-my-ever-loving-mind mode).

Y’all, that car shimmied and then started toward that wall and I just started bugging!!!  I was in Jesus’ FACE like, “DUDE, FIX THIS NOW!  NUH-UH, BRUH.  I LOVE YOU, BUT I’M NOT TRYING TO SEE YOU TODAY!  NOT LIKE THIS!!!”

Ok, inner monologue over.  The car comes to a jerky stop and I exhale.  Side note:  my friend is NOT a bad driver.  Never has been.  The car just up and died.  Gave up the ghost.  Quit like a disgruntled postal worker.  And where did it decide to die on us?  Like a quarter mile from the dad burn exit we needed to take.  You could SEE the exit sign and the ENTIRE ramp, y’all.  Oh, to make it better, we were directly across from the hospital we were going to.  Just about one or two hundred feet in the air and about a thousand feet away from where we needed to be.  Perfect.

Ok, that was interesting, right?  Yeah.  I thought you’d feel that way.  Well, it ain’t over.  No baby, this is the dust blowing around on the tip of the iceberg.  We are sitting there and then she’s like, what do we do now?  I was like “Huh!?” (on the inside-I told y’all I am calm on the outside and doing a serious Donald Duck fit on the inside).  So we sit there for a moment and ya’ll I ain’t lying.  I can LITERALLY hear the Jeopardy theme music playing in my head!  Jesus spoke:  Call & text your husbands.  (Oh Lord.  DUH!  We are after all only about 25 minutes from home.)

I text mine & let him know what’s going on.  He was so sweet that I was almost suspicious (he must have been watching First Take to see what was up with Skip Bayless leaving the show).   But let me tell you how I almost jumped through the phone and killed his little butt.  Have you ever been trying to use the phone and people keep texting/group texting/calling/emailing you all at the same time?  It’s not fun.  His little butt kept texting me and knocking me out of the screen I was in!  And make it so bad, he thought he was cute!  He made it on my hit list after that little stunt.  Along with the 6 people who had me strung up in group text blasts ALL DAY LONG.  Anyone know how to get out of those things?

Anyway, her husband suggests we 1. get an Uber, 2. keep the doctor’s appointment, 3. call AAA to get the car & take us to the mechanic in our home town & we go from there.  So we try it.  Little did I know, she’s going to the website on her phone.  It’s not working out & it’s been 5 minutes.  Um…we are still on this freaking bridge!!!  I decide to get the app.  I promise, y’all, I would have been calmer if an 18 wheeler wouldn’t have come by & shook us so bad I thought we were being raptured.  Y’all pray for my nerves.

Side note: let me tell you some real stuff about my family.  WE DON’T DOWNLOAD APPS UNLESS WE’RE ON WIFI.  NO.  JOKE.  My husband would have said to walk to the hospital.  My oldest son probably would have agreed or said to let her do that mess on her phone & that we ain’t ’bout that life.  However, since I felt my mortal life was at stake, I took the plunge.

Back to the story.  Y’all, why did it take longer to download the app and put in the payment info than it did for the Uber man to get there!  That man got there in less than 4 minutes.  NO JOKE!  And that car.  Y’all, the brother rolled up right behind us in a brand new cute as a button black Honda Civic.  He made sure we were ok (I had to call him and explain that we were on the side of the road on the highway & not at the Hardee’s 50 ft below the ramp like the GPS tried to say), whisked us away, got us to the hospital and dropped us off to safety in no time flat.  He was courteous, professional and best of all SYMPATHETIC!  I mean the service was FABULOUS!!!!!  That man got a $10 tip on a $4 ride across the street!.  I was so glad I was safe that I would’ve given him my left shoe if he would’ve asked.

But we were not safe yet.  Nope.  Not by a long shot.  And you know what else?  You’re going to have to wait until my next installment tomorrow to find out the rest of this foolishness.  Why?  It’s late!  LOL!!!  Now don’t be mad, just be back tomorrow for part 2!  I promise it’ll be worth it.  Love ya!


George Foreman Dinner Ideas and Tips!

Hi guys!  I love my George Foreman grill!  Here are some great cheats that make it super-easy to clean & keep clean FOREVER!  This evening we will be having pork chops & I won’t be battling bugs or cleaning a thing.  First, let me say that the George Foreman grill is an awesome invention! You can cook both sides of the meat at the same time, there’s an internal temperature sensor that will go off when the meat is actually cooked & you greatly reduce the fat content in your food because it drains it off.  Why?  The back end is higher than the front, so gravity just pulls the oil and water down the front into a drip pan.  It’s healthy, cool & gross!  lol

Okay so here are the tips.

Tip #1.  Get into the habit of covering your George Foreman with one sheet of really good imagequality, heavy aluminum foil before you start. Make sure it’s long enough to line the top & bottom grate & fold over the edges.  This will keep you from having to clean it later on. Cool, huh!? However, if you forget, the easiest way to clean the George Foreman grill is to take two or three full sized paper towels, wet them thoroughly and squirt on a mix of Dawn dish washing liquid and white vinegar.  Squish the paper towels so that it builds up the lather and put the paper towels on  the George Foreman while it is still hot. The heat will break down any gunk on the grate and  then you’ll be able to just pretty much wipe it off. You may need to repeat depending on how stubborn  the stuff is that is stuck on.

Tip #2.  I hate the drip pans. Mine often fill up because I am cooking for 5 imagepeople. Usually what will happen is that I’ll get halfway through cooking and need to empty the drip pan. For those of you that know me, I am very clumsy when it comes to transporting liquid from one place to another. So I would end up spilling it across the floor, creating yet another task to be completed.  Then I had the bright idea that I would just get another drip pan (I’d had a small one when I was in college & scored this huge one at a yard sale for like $5!)  Problem solved, right? Wrong! It still was not enough room for all the liquid.  Now I had to make 2 trips & I still ended up dripping stuff across the floor. So today, I came up with my best idea so far.

Tip # 3 Just put the George Foreman lined with aluminum foil on the edge of the counter and make sure that the foil on the end of the bottom grate goes over into the sink. Now, I don’t have to worry about a drip pan at all! I don’t know what I’m going to do with the other drip pans. Any ideas?


Once that little light clicked off, I had some super yummy goodness sitting before me.

george foreman chops

The last thing I had to do was add barbecue sauce and then let it grill a little while longer. This would create a nice thickened glaze of sauce on my chops and I won’t have to worry about burning them.  You won’t see pics of the chops after the sauce.  Yeah…we ate them!  Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time.

I tried try this method with other meats like chicken, hot dogs, steaks and shrimp on the George Foreman. I will say this, be careful about the cuts of meat that you use. That should not be very thick. I wouldn’t even go past about an inch thick or the size of a really good sized burger. Chicken breasts can be cooked, but cut it in half horizontally before putting it on the grill, or make strips.  If you use a full chicken breast (the really big ones) it may not cook all the way through.

Tip #4. If you like to have grill marks, then just don’t use the aluminum foil.  But oddly enough, sometimes I still get grill marks using foil.  Give it a shot.  It could go either way.

And here is what the side of my sink looks like.  Gross, right?  Side note, be sure that you put a long enough sheet on you grill that it hangs about an inch or 2 longer than this.  I realized after the fact that my grill wasn’t close enough to the edge of the sink.  Or I could’ve just used a longer sheet of foil!

grilled chops

No worries!  Now I just need to squirt some cleaner on it and wipe it down. No more trips across my floor! And I cleaned the sink, ditch the foil & tucked away my grill (after it cooled, of course) until another day!

george foreman cleanup

I enjoy my little blast from the past grill.  Maybe I’ll try salmon & grilled asparagus next time.  Remember when these first came out?  Did you know it was first released in 1994?!?  Lord, that was literally 20 years ago!!!

Here are some links to some really cool info about George Foreman and the grill.  I was AMAZED!!!

The Official Site of George Foreman
How the George Foreman Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine Came to Be
(excerpted from Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman)


I hope these tips help you out. Let me know what you’re making for dinner so I can stop racking my brain over our next meal! lol




YOU Come First

Some of you just flipped your wig (or maybe you think that I have).  I know, just hear me out.  I’m having a few revelations & I need you to walk through this with me.  First, this is not a narcissistic rant.  I’ve thought about it, prayed about it, heard from God about it, so now I’m deciding to share my thoughts about it.

You come first.  Yes, you.  Mom, you are the hub.  You are the wheel, the glue, the calm, the peace, the barometer, the anchor.  Think it through.  Without a wheel, how are you moving forward?  Without the glue, how are you holding it together?  Without the calm…I don’t even want to think about it.  Without the peace, it would be chaos!  Without the barometer, where’s the indications?  Without the anchor, how can we stop?

YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  CRITICAL!  MANDATORY!  NECESSARY!  I don’t mean to add more weight to the burden you may already be carrying.  I’m saying this to shed light on an important fact.  You are the infrastructure of your home.  Without you, all is lost.  The household & those in it are off kilter.  So you have to be balanced, strong, maintained, cared for.  You have to allow God to saturate you & take care of you.  So many of you are neglecting yourself (and using God as the excuse) when you’re doing the exact opposite of what God represents.  God is love, peace, wholeness, joy, kindness, etc.  When you look at yourself or take internal inventory, is that what you’re finding?  Is it because you’re denying yourself something?  Let me break it down on a real level.

I used to think having my own time, space, things was being selfish and that I should put everyone else’s needs above my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I know folk in this house need things & I pray for them & God shows up with them every time.  But when I needed new shoes for work, saw them & kept denying myself because I thought I was being selfish, God stopped me in my tracks.  I clearly heard Him ask me why I didn’t get the shoes.  I replied that I shouldn’t spend the money (that much money) on myself when I have shoes at home (that I hated and resented and had worn for the last I can’t remember years).  God said He wanted me to have them because He loves me.  He heard my prayer, knew my need & before I was even born, He’d made them for me.  He prepared the entire earth for me to be happy and live in.  When I thought about it, the new shoes would alleviate some things.  One, my feet would stop hurting!  I’d be happier and easier to get along with (because my feet wouldn’t be hurting)!  My husband would be happy because he wouldn’t have to hear about my feet hurting!  I could do more things with my children because I wouldn’t have to put my feet up…well you get the idea.   Finally, (& this became really, really important to me) the world’s perception of God would be different because I accepted the shoes.  I wore the same shoes to work for so long that I couldn’t remember when I hadn’t.  What was that saying to others about God?  That He couldn’t or wouldn’t provide me with more shoes?  Were my broke down shoes giving a false impression about my Father in heaven (people were looking at the shoes wondering why I hadn’t changed them)?  Did it give the implication that He was broke?  Man, I had to be a better reflection of His goodness!!  I can’t walk around with jacked up hair, clothes, etc. and think that people will want to jump on team Jesus!  I can’t whine, complain, worry, cry, act a fool, etc & expect people to sign up to be a part of the Kingdom.  Why would they want to?  No, the Bible says that the heathens would be JEALOUS OF US because they saw and heard of the GOODNESS OF OUR GOD.  Heathens don’t discern spiritually.  They SEE NATURALLY.  You have to SHOW FORTH the good works of the Lord.  Think of it as visual evangelism.  So when you ask for something & He puts it before you, get it.  He’s already provided.  Not based on YOUR GOODNESS, BUT HIS.  Don’t be afraid of being vain, either.  Vanity is nothing but looking fabulous without the testimony (giving God credit) for it all.  So what will we learn when we take God up on all He has for us?  That he’s always placed our needs as a priority & we should receive them to show how good He is.

Taking care of you doesn’t mean that you think more highly of yourself than of others.  Just the opposite.  People need to see that your Father takes care of you.  Don’t be a false testimony.  Get your hair done, get the mani, take a day or overnight trip by yourself for yourself.  Always trust Him for what you need to be a good reflection of Him.  Don’t feel bad about looking good!  He takes care of, feeds, nourishes, clothes & delights in His children & their happiness.  He’s the good Shepherd!

Proverbs 31

Some of you are trying SO HARD to try to be the Proverbs 31 woman, wife & mother.  Please stop.  Stop trying to be something that God already made you.  You’re already wonderful.  You’re fearfully & wonderfully made!  Stop trying to be successful.  You’re already more than a conqueror through Christ!  You’re already perfect.  For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified!  Stop beating yourself up, comparing yourself to others, striving to be this “thing” that someone told you you should be. You’re thinking your building yourself up, but you’re tearing yourself down.

Let’s do a little Bible time travel.  Did you notice what Eve’s mistake was?  Trying to be something God had already made her.  She was tricked by the enemy because she LOOKED AT HERSELF & HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON WHAT GOD HAD ALREADY DONE FOR HER & SAID ABOUT HER.  Eve was already made in God’s image.  She already had His love, devotion, supply, protection and glory.  But as soon as she stopped believing that, the enemy was able to trick her. Are you doing that?  Thinking that “if only I had/have/was/did/do I’ll be better”?  And what did Adam do?  Agreed with her.  He didn’t even affirm her.  But hey, even that is beside the point.  You can’t blame Adam!  If she didn’t believe in herself, why expect him to?  It’s time to take your identity back.  YOU ARE GOD’S DAUGHTER FIRST AND ALWAYS!  Once you realize that YOUR IDENTITY IS IN CHRIST ALONE, you’ll find peace.  Look to Him for it, accept it, find peace in it & relish in it!  This world needs you to be EXACTLY who you were created to be.  No more, no less.  You’re exactly what this world needs.  Please let go and be yourself.  Whether that’s loud, quiet, silly, observant, goofy or whatever!  BE YOURSELF.

Finally, give yourself license to be happy.  Your kids more than likely have more than they need.  It’s ok to buy the pretty panties & have a glass of wine (but drink responsibly).  It’s awesome to take some time with the hubby to get the sexy back in your marriage.  You both need to soak each other in.  It heals & restores your marriage.  Get it in as much as you need to!  Mmmm-hmmm!  😉  Eat the cookie, buy the shoes.  Whatever that means to you.  You may need more alone time.  You may need to journal or travel or go for walks or swim.  Or just take a durn nap!  Girl, take care of yourself!  You ARE a gift to the world.  Who else is YOU?  You are precious and it’s time you start treating yourself that way!

I love you!  Now go love yourself!

Just What We Need! A “Just For Moms” Section of My Blog!!!

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to make this special area just for moms.  I’ve had my own personal revolution (revelation, really) & I invite you to come along.

Let me cut to the chase.  I’m a mom.  I’m a wife.  But I’m God’s child first & always.  When something really grates my nerves, I don’t immediately accuse myself of being rebellious or “in the flesh”.  As I’ve quietly reflected over the years, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of things that I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.  God had to teach me, that I’m not the one to teach my children EVERY lesson.  I should just be the soft place.  The place where (after they’ve made a less-than-desired choice) they can come back to for healing, peace, restoration & encouragement.  A place that reminds them that they’re the righteousness of God in Christ & that God has not left them.  So when I started approaching my life from a place of peace, a lot changed.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still flare ups, but when I remind myself of my standing in God, many things don’t require a reaction, but a declaration & affirmation.

So in that spirit, I made this area for us.  A safe place.  A place for healing, peace, restoration & encouragement.  Everything may not make sense, be unbelievable at first or just flat out disagreed with.  Ok.  That’s cool.  But this is my story.  This is my testimony & this is where God has me and how He’s gotten me here.  If you’d like to enjoy the oasis with me, just click in this area.  It’ll have a little bit of everything, but it’ll mainly focus on:

How to believe you’re worthy of investment

Why investing in yourself is the first and best way to improve your family balance

How to invest in yourself

How to install fences (achieve & maintain a place of rest & peace)

How to find time & space for YOU that actually WORKS (no temporary fixes)

How to know when you’re balanced

It’ll also include areas for health, beauty & fun stuff just for us moms.  So stay tuned!  It’ll be so much fun.  I also want to hear your thoughts & ideas.  I love a good convo, and since this area is for us moms, who better to start the conversation!

Thanks for stopping by & you’ll be hearing more from me soon!