Start or Restock Your Business for Less than $20! My Dollar Tree Reviews

Hey guys!  I know you love Dollar Tree!  If you don’t, it may be because you haven’t visited lately.  Did you know:

  • Dollar Tree now carries name brands.  YES!  3M, Elmer’s, Boogie Wipes, Palmer, Star Wars and more!
  • Dollar Tree carries the 12 pack Merita hot dog buns.  FOR A DOLLAR!
  • Dollar Tree has incredible storage and organization products that are just as good as Target for a fraction of the price.

Ok, enough jibber jabber.  Let’s get on with the reviews.  This edition is special because I want to focus on office/school supplies.  If you have a business, you know that supplies can try to suck the life out of your budget.  You’re gonna run out of something sooner or later, and it’s great to know you can restock for a buck!  Here’s what I’ve found:


These scissors are great for most purposes.  Just don’t use them if you plan on cutting a lot of cardboard.  They’re just not built for that.  Yeah, I learned the hard way…

Dollar Tree has always been awesome for organizational needs.  Here’s a list of some of their containers that are now out in spring colors! (click the link to go directly to the page)

dollar tree storage mass list


They have binder clips in numerous sizes (teeny weeny to jumbo) & they even have some with designs!  But I saw how you can take the little silver part off and spray paint them whatever color you want.  I always have a few cans of spray paint on deck.


These multicolored coated paper clips also caught my eye.  They have the clear ones, too.  Not bad for a buck!

172853 172853_v1   178451

I hardly ever run out of staples, but when I do, it’s a true emergency!  Because I have a ton around and don’t seem to use them often.  So when I’m out, it’s awful.  But 3000 for $1?  Yes!!188554

I love my paper planner & my electronic planner, but there are times a dry erase one is best.  These are cute and a great deal!


Push pins!!!  Clear & color for only $1

188651  26604

A few items from my last review!

941299.jpg 943609.jpg

Oh and here are some other things I’ve seen that definitely deserve a review.  The head scratcher/massager on the left/middle is OUTSTANDING.  PHENOMENAL.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I’m not exaggerating.  The whole family loves this thing so much I had to hide mine.  They also have their wreath forms in stock for spring.  I saw some burlap ribbon there in some nice colors for you crafters and spring door wreath lovers, too!

20150823_122541 20150823_122547  FB_IMG_1444929402922

Whew!  That was a lot.  But I still need to go to Dollar Tree to get some staple items.  You must drop in from time to time.  They’ll have the best name brand & interesting items you will pay 5-10 times the price for in other stores.  It’s worth a browse.  Who knows, you may just get hooked!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I’ll be back soon with more stuff to share!


How to Find Your Child’s Purpose & Potential Career

“Mommy-JJ Time”

That’s what we call the time that my middle child & I spend together. We usually spend it watching Shaun the Sheep or some crazy YouTube videos. But this time, we decided to check out NatGeo.  Yeah, we’re nerdy cool like that.  Don’t hate.

But on a serious note, we love to learn!  So when we spend time together, we are usually watching 3 childrensomething involving nature (the dinosaur series was awesome), engineering (aka Minecraft or Legos), paleontology (aka dinosaurs) or  still motion movie creation (Shaun The Sheep).  Why do I mention all this?  It’s so that (if you’re not already) you think about what your child is REALLY into.  If your child loves puzzles, crafting, digging for bugs, taking things apart or whatever, look and see what that translates to in the adult world.  Remember, we were born with who we can be inside from birth.  So my husband and I study our children as far as potential, motivation, focus, capability, etc. regularly to see what career path we can expose them to.  Now in this day and age there are billions of job opportunities.  Mainly because many go unpublicized and are just not in existence. Some jobs will develop just because of the individual creating it!

I remember working for Marconi Commerce Systems (aka Gilbarco) when I was pregnant with our first child.  Man, that job was something else!  It was a completely new arena, but the same basic job when it boiled down to it.  Just on a much bigger corporate scale.  So what did I do?  I answered the phones.  Yay.  That Master’s degree in math was getting flexed big time.  Well, after a short time of doing the job, I realized that there were a lot of customer concerns/complaints.  Don’t judge them.  All companies have to find ways to better serve their clients.  Anyway, the problem wasn’t the problems.  The problem was that they didn’t have a system to handle the problems!  So I made mention to my boss who made mention to hers and voila!  I was the first and only Customer Service Coordinator in the COMPANY.  This was a big deal because Gilbarco is an INTERNATIONAL, ENORMOUS, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL business.  To give you perspective, they either made (all or part of) the gas pumps that you’ve ever seen or encountered in your life.  Yeah, they’re no joke.  So back in 2000 I was filtering every possible complaint that could come through.  Talk about a job!  I was overwhelmed at first when they gave me a title and started ushering every complaint my way, but then I whipped out that trusty math degree and went to work!  By the time it was over, we had a log of all customers, contact information, item(s) they had trouble with, etc in a great database.  Unfortunately, I had to leave to give birth before the electronic system really boomed, but I’d say having our first child was a much better deal!

So I say all this to leave you with a thought.  The job I signed up for started as this:  answer phones

and went to this in less than 3 months:

  • Initiated & coordinated customer satisfaction activities which included customer complaint processing (domestic & abroad), trend analysis, satisfaction surveys & process improvement initiatives based on these programs,
  • managed & updated customer complaint process,
  • researched problems associated with pump sales,
  • developed analyses on complaints & reported trends to the corporate quality council,
  • worked with teams throughout the company on process improvement initiatives that directly reduced complaints,
  • held teams accountable for preventative action,
  • communicated directly with distributors & customers as part of the collection, research & resolution process,
  • assisted with planning & implementing projects outings for the department

Man, looking back that was an awesome job!  I was a BOSS!  Would you believe that this started as a part time position at a temp agency?  Yeah…but if I could’ve stayed, that could have been my breakthrough position in the corporate world.  Believe me, you hold the company if you hold the company together.  But I have no regrets.  I have the best kid ever because I didn’t work in a corporate setting while he was little.  We did important things.  Like stay home and play!!!

So back to the kids.  Look at what they love.  Be the bridge between their passion and their future.  See what they would do for free and encourage them to think about doing it for life.  At this point, I’m the mom of a pro ball player/architect, a Lego engineer/paleontologist and a kindergarten teacher/master arts & crafter (that little one could easily be an attorney though-it’s scary how she can bulldog you down making her point!)  I hope you enjoyed this crazy post and I hope you’ll check out NatGeo.  I’ve included the videos we saw and don’t forget that the channel even has an app!  You can watch videos while waiting at the dentist/doctor/whatever!  Have fun!!

Who knew that hummingbirds could be gangsta?

(Click to be taken to the video)

hummingbird battle

Incredible video on the Everglades

(Click to be taken to the video)



I did not receive a payment from NatGeo (even though I’d be up for it!)  My opinions are all my own.  I just hope you enjoy the great things I found on their site and app!  Oh yeah, the pictures came from their video/site.  Enjoy!



Aldi & Dollar Tree Finds You Won’t Want to Miss!

Hi all!

Here I am to share again!  I recently saw an ad for a single serving drink mixer (like the Nutribullet thing) at Aldi.  For $15!  Now I’ve been eyeing those for a while and been teetering and tottering on if I’d get one.  I finally decided I would, when the sale went off of the one I was eyeing.  It was like $30 at GNC.  Oh well, that ship sailed, so I hopped on another one.  And I’m so glad I did!  For $14.99 I picked up a lifesaver.  I got it home, washed it and began my mixologist magic.  I used this apple corer/slicer from Christmas Tree Shops (cost me about $3 if I remember correctly), dumped in a pack of cinnamon & spice oatmeal*, a little apple juice and about 3 ice cubes.  And about a tablespoon of caramel.  Don’t judge me.  Then I got my mix on.

img_20160301_122643.jpg img_20160301_122320.jpg img_20160301_122637.jpg

Can you say ABSOLUTE HEAVEN?!?!??!!!  YAAAASSSSSS!  It was so good that I could see having this every morning.  Well maybe not every morning.  With all the fiber in this, you know what’ll happen if you add 2 bottles of water after…

Ok, well remember that * you saw up there?  I just thought I’d mention that smoothies are a great way to get rid of the unwanted oatmeal packet flavors that nobody wants any more.  Cool, huh?

Ok, on to other cool things.  Here’s what I’ve found at Dollar Tree this time!  First, the magazine organizers.  I’ll be getting these and covering them to match my office.  More than likely they’ll be used for doll storage.  My daughter and I play with Barbies and I saw a My Froggy Stuff video where she uses these to store her dolls!  You put them into a book case or on a shelf with the tall end facing outward.  That way no one sees what’s inside and your area stays nice and tidy.  I’m doing it.195780

Up next are the storage bags.  I have the ones without the handles already, so I’m excited about these XL heavy duty ones.  It actually has 2 bags in there!  I’m thinking about using them to hang stuff.  Like wrapping paper rolls or rolls of wallpaper.  Can’t beat it for a buck!943609.jpg

Last share.  I want an eye mask.  Not to darken the room, but to block out the stupid LED lights on the front of the cable box.  Those things are ridiculous!  Of course I’d get the black & white one.  You know I’m partial because those are my business colors!


Have you found any great deals lately?  Please share!!

How I Made a KILLING at Dollar General Today! (Cheese Ball Lovers, This One’s For YOU!)

Hi guys,

I hit the motherload today when I stopped into my local Dollar General!  I was there for a big pack of styrofoam plates, when I got the urge to go to the back where the clearance was.  On the way there, I noticed a cart full of cheese balls.  I decided to keep going and check it out on the way back.  Probably just an employee stocking the shelf and left them there, right?  WRONG.  More about that in a bit…

I found a huge cart of Febreeze bedroom scents, Glade room sprays, those jelly room deodorizers and more marked down like crazy!!!  I didn’t get much from here since the scents were ones I wasn’t too familiar with.  But I did get these:


Ginger Blossom


The 2 air fresheners are the Dollar General brand and they come in a 2 pack.  They were marked down to $.75.  So was the Renuzit.  I think they are regularly $1.

Ok, back to the cheese balls!  How about they’d been marked down to $1.50!  I think they’re regularly $2-$3, so I decided to grab one.  But to my surprise & delight, when it rang up, it was only 50 CENTS!!!  So I ran and grabbed 2 more (I was planning on spending $1.50 initially anyway, right?  May as well get 3 times as much for the same price).  The checkout lady was shocked.  They’d just been $1 the day before!

img_20160301_114228.jpg img_20160301_114238.jpg

So what did I do with them?  I grabbed a big dipping spoon, some zip top sandwich bags and went to work!  By the time I was done with one container, I’d had 17 bags of cheese balls!  I stowed some of them away in a large container (another old Dollar General find) and left about 7 bags on the counter for the kids to have a quick little snack.  I know they’ll love them!

So, head on down to your Dollar General!  Who knows what discounted goodies you’ll find.

Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids!