5 Things You ABSOLUTELY Must Do This Christmas!

Hey guys!  I’m back from vacation & have lots to share.  You’ll get pics later, but for now, the focus is CHRISTMAS!!!  I have just a few things for you to check off your list this year.  Some are fun, some are gross, some are just good practice.  Ready?  Here we go!

  1.  If you’re soaking your ham in the kitchen sink (Lord, where else would you soak it-don’t answer that), be sure to clean the drain plug/cover.  Just this morning I decided to soak some ribs to clean & thaw them & thought:  when’s the last time I cleaned the drain plug?  Eeew!  Wait, if I haven’t been cleaning it, who has??!  EEEEW??!?!?  So you see how valuable this info is.  And if you regularly clean it, don’t judge me.  Besides, my super neat freak of a husband more than likely cleans it multiple times a day when he washes dishes BY HAND.  Yeah, that was a good dollop of snarky.  A BIG dollop.
  2. Don’t make small things a big issue.  So what if everything isn’t perfect?  What’s your focus?  Appearances or enjoying the ones you’re with?  Oh yeah, and don’t forget it’s the celebration of our Savior’s birth.  He created us perfectly flawed, so striving for perfection is like trying to put an octopus in a jelly jar.  It was a crazy idea at the onset.  Moving on…
  3. Take more pictures this year.  Unless you’re one of THOSE people who load social media with so many updates that we could scroll your page and get the video version.  You know who you are.  Go have a drink or feed the homeless.  We see you way too much.  Love you, though!!
  4. Don’t overspend.  I know that’s a sin for me to say for some, but seriously.  Don’t get your kids and spouse, 5 siblings, their kids, the neighbors and their 15 dogs hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of presents and fancy cards and then can’t pay your light bill next month.  Spending time is better than spending money anyway.  Make memories, not debts.
  5. Get some sleep!!!!  If you’re tired, take a nap.  If you’re exhausted, take 2 naps.  Assign some of the tasks to someone else and pay your body for what you put it through.  No sense in burning stuff, forgetting stuff, messing up stuff, cussing folk out & having to dole out apologies when a good solid rest is what you need to avoid a bad situation.

Ok, that’s all for now.  The oven just preheated.  SWEET POTATO PIE IS GOING IN Y’ALL!!!  One day I’m gonna make one from scratch (but today, Mrs. Smith’s gets a big shout out).  I want a recipe that has crushed pineapple and pecans in it.  Anybody got a good recipe?  Ok, well love y’all and have a



Naps, Pajamas, Socks & Other Items on My Christmas List

Christmas_centerpieceIt’s 3am.  Don’t expect a lot of coherent thought in this post.  This is due to the fact that it’s 3am and that these last 2 weeks have been very productive.  I’ve finished up with my classes that I teach, closed out a store lease, prepped for an upcoming event, contacted all of my children’s teachers, helped the husband with his website & managed to maintain throughout.  Thank God.

So, on to the fun stuff! I have made this massive Christmas list of things I’d love for Christmas. Lol…ok, it’s really like 5 things!

#1 is some naps.  I mean a week’s worth of good old fashioned, Homer Simpson naps.  Complete with snoring, mouth open & drooling!  (Can I get an Amen?!)

#2 is pajamas.  Doesn’t seem major, right?  Well, I have a “unique” build.  I’m not tall, but have long arms & legs.  I’m not too plump, but I’m insanely busty.  If I get the correct size to fit my height, the sleeves are like 3/4 length & the pants look like bell bottoms (the yoga pants I’m in are like 2 inches above my ankles).  If I get the size to fit my bust, it looks like I’m wearing a box made of fabric aka a tent.  So, yeah.  I’ve had a lot of pajama trial & error.  My Christmas wish is to find a super cute pair that fit properly before & after washing (and we all know that after pjs are washed they can turn into something entirely different).

#3 socks.  Let’s just say mine go missing.  And I’m not the one taking them.  They end up in another person’s drawer.  I won’t name names.  I just need about 6 pairs of socks.  That’s what I get for buying generic socks.  That’s ok!  Next time they’ll have all manner of cupcakes, flowers, butterflies and stuff so no one can say, “Oh, these are yours?”  Durn sock pirates…

#4 a new tablet.  Man, I miss the joys of soaking in the tub on a Saturday afternoon watching Netflix til folks start questioning my pulse.  Have you ever binge watched while in the tub?  Baby, if not, you’re missing out big time!  Well, 2 of my tablets died.  One won’t charge because the port requires you jiggle & hold it just right & the other’s charger cord is acting up.  So…yeah I guess that means both won’t charge.  (The downside of writing posts at 3am just kicked in)  Anyway, one of them has also decided to give me crazy error messages like “You have installed no apps”.  What??!  NO apps?  Yep, no apps.  And there’s NO apps on it.  Hot mess…So I need at least 1 tablet to replace both.  But I think I saw the Amazon Fire for $50.  Anyone had one or heard any reviews on it:

#5 a new desk.  The desk I’m using is a vanity.  It’s super cute, but has none of the functionality I need.   It doesn’t have any big file drawers & is less than 3 feet wide.  I’ve just got to suck it up & go find a new desk.  I’ll be hitting some thrift stores soon.

So,  that’s my list.  What’s on your list this year?  92119622d6684218c853edf254bb6727

How to Make Your Mind “Rest” (I Think I Figured it Out)

I don’t even understand the concept of how to clear my mind.  I can’t even figure out a method of making my mind go blank (unless it’s something completely catastrophic).  Type A’s out there know how hard this is. Even when I’m not trying to think, I’m thinking.  Planning.  Organizing.  Mulling.  Inventing.  Strategizeing.  Analyzing.  Double Checking.  Worrying.  I think it’s a borderline illness. I’d trade it in right now for the bliss that men speak of:

Thinking about nothing

My husband can do it.  The conversation usually goes like this:

I look at him.  He looks blank.  Like when you’re thinking hard, but coming up with nothing.  “Bae, whatcha thinkin’ bout?”

Him:  Nothing

Me:  Nothing?  What do you mean, “Nothing”?  Like nothing in particular, nothing you want to talk about, nothing you want me to know about, or just N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Him: N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

My jaw drops open.  My eyes bulge.  My mouth goes dry and my mind actually makes this emoji:  !

Me:  What?!?  How the heck do you do that?  You can sit there and just think about…NOTHING?!

Him:  Yep.

Me:  How???  Oh My GOD, I wish I COULD do that!

Him: (looking at me like “Yeah, woman.  I wish you could, too.  I’m sure it would be a heck of a lot quieter around here” with that raised eyebrow of his.)  Just let your mind go blank.

Me:  How do you do that?  Like, picture a blank wall?

Him:  No, you just don’t think about anything.

Me:  (Bad words begin to creep into my mind as I feel like he’s keeping some multibillion dollar secret from me-for which I’d at this point kill for)  I don’t get it.

Him:  Just sit there, get still, get quiet & don’t think about anything.

Me:  Like, just zone out?

Him:  No, I hear everything you say.

Me:  (My eyes roll into utter oblivion.  I walk out.)  Ok.

So………Apparently, I thought wrong.  I don’t know how to clear my mind.  I can pray, I can listen, I can meditate, but not clear my mind.  I only know how to zone out.  I guess zoning out will just have to do for now.  Sorry guys.  If I figure it out (like for real, for real) I’ll let you know.  Oh, and guess who just walked into the room?  The guy who mocks me by not thinking…standing there with his “Ha, ha, I’m not thinking & you can’t do it” face, mocking me on purpose.  I’m trying not to kill him.  Or at least do this:


Are You Scared of God?

Christmas time is here.  I want to put one thing out there.  It’s an excerpt from a daily email I’m subscribed to.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

“Hebrews 10:17
then He adds, “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

When I was a young Christian growing up in Singapore, I read a little tract entitled This Was Your Life. In that tract, it said that when you get to heaven, God will replay your entire life, including all your sins, on a huge video screen for all the angels and other saints to watch!

The idea that God was making such a video of my life with the intention of screening it for everyone to watch used to make me feel awful and condemned before God. How could I ever stand boldly in His presence? And how was I going to face my loved ones and Christian friends in heaven?

I was a nervous wreck, thinking about all my sins that God was recording down, until I read this in the Bible: “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.” (Romans 4:8) Hallelujah! I jumped for joy when I found out that God was not counting my sins against me, and that He has given me something called “non-imputation of sins”!

My friend, the reason that God does not impute any of our sins to us is that He has already imputed all of them to the body of His Son Jesus when He hung on the cross 2,000 years ago. Not only that, when God punished His Son for our sins, He caused the curse of the law to fall stroke by stroke upon Jesus’ entire body until every curse had been fully satisfied. That is why we have been redeemed from the curse of the law. (Galatians 3:13) That is why, instead of imputing sin to us, God imputes righteousness!

God wants us to know that our sins and lawless deeds He will remember no more. The words “no more” in the original Greek text carry a strong double-negative meaning. In other words, God is saying, “No way, by no means, will I ever remember your sins again!”

Beloved, since God says that He will remember your sins no more, why do you still remember them? Or for that matter, your spouse’s or neighbor’s sins? God does not want you to be conscious of sins because He is not. So rejoice! Come to Him boldly and expect Him to show you mercy and grace because He remembers your sins no more!” – Joseph Prince

I used to be scared of God.  Even though I called Him Father.  Now I’m not. I just enjoy His love for me. I figure if He didn’t love me, He WOULDN’T send His Son to die for me.  He WOULDN’T bless me, talk to me, send others to remind me that He’s always thinking of me.  Not only that, He sent His Son to die for YOU.  All He wants you to do is accept that.  It’s called Salvation. It’s a gift.  No strings.  You don’t have to change, give up anything, be good enough or put in a certain number of hours. He knows you and loves you JUST AS YOU ARE. And once you receive the fact that He loves you and sent Jesus to die for your sins, you can rest in His love for you. It doesn’t matter what you did, but what you believe. He just wants you happy, knowing that you are loved, protected and there’s nothing you can do to change your status in His eyes.  He’ll never love you any less.  He can’t love you more than He does now.  He sent His perfect Son to die on the Cross to receive all of the punishment for all the sins you’d ever commit.  Just for YOU!  Your “bill” is paid.  Enjoy the fact that you eternally have a clean slate with God.  Don’t be afraid.  Be thankful, be happy, be loved.  Believe.

If you have any questions about Salvation or God, feel free to ask.  But don’t live afraid other day.


I’m Still Alive Y’all!

Hey guys,
I am still in the land of the living.  I just had to take a break. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’m prone to go MIA from late Nov through Christmas. I really go off the grid!  Why?  Here’s the deal:

Thanksgiving: last Thursday of November
Our first born’s birthday: Dec 1
Second born’s birthday: Dec 2
Third born’s birthday: Dec 7

And we usually are armpit deep in family from then on.  So, you can see why I am not so vocal during that time!   I’ll be in and out with updates and crazy stories as usual. So..
Happy  (belated) Thanksgiving
Merry Christmas
and everything in between!

Until next time,

Love you!