Quick Fall Makeovers! A DIY Project You Won’t Believe!

Hi guys.  I hope you’re having a great day!  Well,  have a quick DIY to share.  I saw this on a wonderful blog, Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.  Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous!!?!??!??

Paris-Box Paris-Box-15 Harlequin-Box-2

As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew I had to try it.  I’m not sure if I’ve divulged this before, but I love to browse Goodwill for discarded treasures.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found uber-expensive name brand clothing with the tags still on!  So I took a few hours to go treasure hunting a few weeks ago and would you believe that I found one of these?!?!!  I was SOOOOO excited to get started.  It took a while to sit down and plan out what I wanted to do, because I wasn’t even sure that I’d find the box, so I hadn’t planned yet!  So, it took me a while but I think it came out well for someone who had to backtrack and come up with a plan. Here are some before pics:

-Front view-


-Inside view-image

-Some seal-image

-Bottom drawer-


I got to gutting.  It looked like this: (Pretty Eeew if you ask me!)


I got some basic paint and gave it a good once over.



Ummmm….no dice.  Time for coat 2.  Looks more promising.


Oh yeah, that’s better!  Hmmm…should I use a clear sealer?  Probably.  Who knows what it’ll end up being used for?  Anything from jewelry to glassware to pencils knowing me!  Ok, next was lining it.  I wanted to line it with drawer liner, but I kept finding crazy colors.  I know I’d gotten the drawer liner before, but kept going to stores & not finding it.   I had an old piece of liner, but it wasn’t big enough.  I remembered that I had some contact paper so I decided to go with that.  I wanted something that I could wipe down if it got dirty or wet and could be covered or ripped out if need be.  So felt or fabric wasn’t a good option and painting required too much perfection underneath.  So contact paper it was.


I also decided to add some unique details to add more class.  I went with some leftover ribbon that coordinated with the chairs in my office.  I took some spray adhesive & coated the back of the ribbon and applied it to either end of the box.  If you’ve never tried this stuff, give it a shot.  It works miracles on some of the most unusual projects!


Here’s how it looks while it was drying.  I just have a few edges to trim and I’m done!




IMG_20151103_123637 IMG_20151103_125555 IMG_20151103_125608 IMG_20151103_125622


I am just in love with it.  I will use it for surplus jewelry for now, but it’ll make a great piece for the upcoming store.  I’ll be sure to announce the grand opening (& probably quite a bit about it before) when we do!

IMG_20151103_055008 IMG_20151103_055106  IMG_20151103_054700 wpid-img_20151103_054927.jpgIMG_20151103_055227


*Hindsight is 20/20.  Here’s some things I would’ve done differently:

  1.  Cut the lining as one big long rectangle that will cover the inside top, hinge & inside bottom.
  2. Use the original liner I was looking for.  Because the contact paper already had glue, it was a bit trickier than if it didn’t.
  3. Trim using a box cutter, not scissors.  Even though you can glide the scissors (like when cutting wrapping paper) it still left a little to be trimmed.
  4.  Paint the hardware!  I completely forgot.  Now I’m at the bring of not caring.  Maybe it’s the fumes.
  5. Done this project ages ago!  It turned out so nice that I know I’ll get another box and revamp it!  Maybe rhinestone trim next time.  Or faux croc skin.  Or pad the top!  So many options…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this DIY project.  I had a ball!  Now off to my next set of projects.


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Here are some more upcoming DIYs.  Would you like to see how I’ll transform these too?  Just let me know & I’ll keep you posted!


wpid-img_20151031_135933.jpg imageimage image

Great Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Tips!

Hi guys!

Just a few quick notes.

I was cooking this morning & realized how IN LOVE I am with my ceramic cooking set.  I only have 3 pieces (a small pot, a round pan and a square pan), but I just adore them!  Why?

One:  the cooking surface is awesome.  No sticking, no dents or dips or other weird stuff.

Two:  It literally can be cleaned in seconds.  A squirt of soap & a quick rub and everything is gone!

Three:  The handles are padded with this wonderful squishy stuff.

Four:  I got ALL 3 pieces on clearance for like $14 bucks (less than the cost of one piece elsewhere I’m sure).

It was a killer find at Christmas Tree Shops!  The only con is that it’s not for the dishwasher.  But that’s not a dealbreaker for me because there are 4 pros!

So my tip for today?  Go get a ceramic set!

On to my next tips:

Bag your meat.
What do I mean?  Well, our fridge used to get “fridge funk”.  You know that smell that is a mishmash of all kinds of things.  So we slayed the beast by bagging all of our meats.  The menfolk in my home like hot dogs, bologna & lunch meat.  That stuff…the smell can do things to me.  So I got a bunch of ziploc bags and went to work.  After a while, I went nuts.  I bagged everything!  Sausage, ribs, chicken (go ahead & marinade it while you’re bagging it) & any other fresh meat you keep in the meat drawer.  Save yourself the hassle of buying baking soda & it using prime real estate in your fridge!

Drink a ton of tea?  Try this “cheat”!

Sometimes I have tea days.  Don’t want coffee, soda, or even water.  It’s usually a cold coffee pot 2day when I have a movie or a lot of reading planned.  So what do I grab?  TEA!  And I’m to the point that I need to make or buy one of those tea boxes.  It’s really sad.  I have at least 5 types of tea at any given time.  I love peppermint tea (good for the sinuses and great when you have Christmas on your mind).  Green tea for those times you want to “get things moving”.  The hubby loves black tea (he makes sun tea rain or shine-in bulk-who needs 2 pitchers at a time??)  I keep chamomile at all times so I won’t kill anyone.  Nothing beats ginger tea for that week of the month that it sucks to be a girl.  Then there are my tea blends.  Ah, bliss!  But when you want a lot of tea but not enough to make a gallon, who wants to keep getting up steeping new bags or mixing more sugar in?  Not the kid!  So I cheat.  I fill the machine with water, plunk 2-3 bags in the carafe and pour in enough sugar for 3-5 servings.  What do I get?  Pre-made tea!  Just don’t forget to stir it well before pouring.  Nothing is worse than coming up against an iceberg of sugar in your cup.  Give this a shot and let me know what you think!


Another Tea Cheat?  YEP!

Ok this one was from my sad days.  I was given some teavana loose tea, but didn’t know how to macoffee pot loose tea cheatke it.  I actually tried all kinds of crazy things (& swallowed a bit of loose tea leaves in the process) before I came up with this desperate idea.  I took a coffee filter & filled it with tea.  I placed it knot side down & positioned it beneath the spout.  SUCCESS!  Loose tea without the leaves!  Now before you start feeling to sad for me, I finally decided (a few months ago) to find a loose tea steeper.  I found the cutest one on ebay for less than $2 shaped like a strawberry!  It hangs off the side of your cup while bobbing in your water & flavoring your tea!  It’s so cool.  So buh-bye to all my crazy creations.  But if I ever lose my little berry, I know how to still make a mean cup of tea!




I really enjoyed sharing my tips with you guys today.  I hope you enjoyed hanging out.  Be sure to check out more of my organization, cooking & DIYs on my other areas of the blog.  I did a great share last week from some other exceptional bloggers.  I found these this week too.  Enjoy!

More great organization tips here:


Until next time, check out my book for more great ideas!



My Holiday Share for the Week!

Hi ladies & gents,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already begun hunting for great items & ideas for the holidays. One of them was a little challenge. A friend & I were doing our usual hunting at Christmas Tree shops & came across some GORGEOUS glitter trees.  I thought they’d be the perfect accent for anyone who didn’t want to create a grand tablescape but add a tremendous amount of classy chic goodness. Well, they didn’t come home with us. Why? They were $6.99 & $9.99 & we wanted at least 3 of them. The total would have been under $30, but to be honest, it looked like something that could be made. More truthfully, they looked like poster board cones with glitter & beads on them. But they looked much more glamorous than they sound. Here, take a look…

christmastreeshops dot com

They look even better than that in person.  Here’s a sample I found from Pier 1.  They were $34.95!  EACH!pier 1

Needless to say, my creative juices got flowing and I have decided to make my friend her own.  But before I started gathering materials, I happened across this Martha Stewart video!

These are super cute, but it’s truly for those who have a little more time & patience, or a lot of hands involved.  Be forewarned!

martha stewart

So it’s off to gather materials to make those glitter cone trees.  I really hope you enjoyed this share.  I’ll be back with more soon.  I’m still in the planning stages of all our holiday ideas, so it may be a while before you see me do an actual project.  I may even try my hand at doing a video!

Talk to you again soon!




Hey guys!  It’s crunch time (I’m not just talking about the fall leaves, either)!  For quite a few of us, this means several things.  My to-do list includes migrating everything into a fall decor theme, prepping for Thanksgiving & picking a theme for Christmas.  We decided on doing a Lego themed tree this year!  More on that in another post.  Anyway…

I just found 2 of the most amazing organizers/home decor/frugalista bloggers that I’ve seen in a while.  They are exactly what I’ve been praying for!  So here’s a few links & videos that add up to this big share:

At Home With Nikki

She does everything from tips, DIYS, home decor & budgeting to small business tips & how to organize important documents & get discounts on athletic event tickets.  Man, she blew me away!  Really, y’all she had me bingeing on her videos!!  She also has a giveaway going on that closes tomorrow or Thursday, so go check her out.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/H8CEY5w21W4&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>


Do It On A Dime

I love this lady!  I just got the best tips about dollar tree bins.  Did you know an entire 24 bottle case of water can fit in one of those bins?  Well she did!  And I’m glad she shared that piece of info!  Time for another pantry revamp!

Crock Pot Ladies

I was digging and dumping old grocery emails and come back across these ladies.  And what did I find?  An old post on 10 easy crock-pot freezer meals (the link takes you straight there)!  Who’s not going to need that soon?  Yeah, those holiday leftovers can be a beast if you don’t know what to do with them.  And I’d rather have a overrun freezer than an overrun fridge.  It may sound crazy, but I would.  Something about a cramped fridge that makes me cringe…

And last but not least,

Household Management 101

I have to thank my friend Tiffany for this one.  She signed me up for their stress free holiday emails & man they’ve got good info!  They walk you through things to address week by week so that you don’t feel behind the 8 ball.  Check them out!

Alright ladies (& gents) I hope this big share makes your life easier & gives you more time to love on & enjoy your family.  Until next time!


PS-did you notice my updated look?  I figured it was time for a change.  Let me know what you think!

Why I’m Super Upset with Wendy’s

I’m soooo upset right now. I decided to venture out & get my “go to” meal of a Caesar side salad and 4pc nuggets (one of the few decent fast food meal for under $3) & guess what I hear come out of the speaker? “Ma’am we don’t have the Caesar side salad any more.” WHAAT??!?!??! Oh no, I must’ve heard wrong. Surely this drive through leads to an alternate universe. I replied, “You don’t carry them at all??” “Well, not the side salad. We have the full size and the half salad.” My gaze falls on the price: $4.29 for the half size and $6.29 for the full size. Oh (bad word) no!! You must be crazy! Ok, I know I may sound a little petty (or un-Christian for saying “bad word”) but stick with me for a second.

I was going to do a post about a year ago (it got lost in the shuffle) about what a great deal Wendy’s had on its side salads. You could get a side salad back in the day for 99 cents, but it crept its way up to $1.69 before they recently pulled it from the menu. What’s the big deal? Well, did you know that THE SIDE SALAD AND THE HALF SIDE SALAD WERE THE SAME SIZE?! YES!!! They were charging your $4.29 for a $1.69 salad! Yep…let that sink in playa’.

Here’s another reason it was such a great deal. I give you exhibit A: 2 salad bowls. One is family size (left) and the other is a single serving size (right).  What’s in the bowl on the left?  The spicy Caesar side salad!

salad 2 bowls
Here’s a closeup.  See how the bowl on the left is actually full?  To be honest, the single serving bowl is just too small to contain the salad.  So it was a spectacular deal!salad

Exhibit B:  The salad pictured has chicken in it!  I know that sounds like a “duh” statement, but the salad I was getting had not chicken.  All salad.  So could you imagine?  The bags of salad from the grocery store cost twice as much (on sale even) & don’t always yield that much!

Now, as a businesswoman, I suppose I should respect their decision.  They railroaded a lot of people to make a choice to pad their already obscenely loaded pockets.  I suppose, as a businesswoman, I should applaud them.  I do not.  It was a scam in the beginning and still is now.  You had people paying for less than they thought they were getting.  The whole side salad/half salad/full size salad thing was a sham.  I’ll be at the grocery store buying the $3.69 bagged salad thank you very much.

They’re already making killings at other fast food chains with the large & medium sodas.  You have seen the YouTube video about the McDonald’s large & medium drinks being the same size, right?  Check it out.  Do you think it’s worth $1 more after seeing this?

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R5lvzWPFSnU&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>

I don’t frequent these places that often, but I’m just saying, you should get what you think you’re paying for.  There’s supposedly a 6 oz difference so I guess they think it’s a good value.  Phftt.  Whatever.  Ok, next I saw this video about soda sizes around the world.

Intriguing.  But them pouring the soda super fast at the end didn’t sell their point.  Everyone knows soda overflows when poured too fast.  But when you look at the numbers, it is still crazy that someone somewhere feels like we need that much soda in a single serving.  So when I do order soda, I order it without ice.  You get all soda, no water & then I can have several servings to last me about 2 or 3 days if I choose.  But I usually order water anyway.

So, on another note, I dug a little bit and found a video on how fast burgers age (yeah, it’s not the main topic, but I got curious at the end of the first video.  Feel free to watch.  Or not if you have a sensitive tummy.

My favorite comment was:

lol even mold doesn’t want to eat McDonald’s
Dang McDonald’s!  I know that one hurt.  Just another reason I don’t indulge in a lot of drive through places.  Even my kids won’t eat there.  The 3 of them often say “Mommy, the food’s not real.”, “Eeeew!  The place with the fake food?  No thanks!” or “Let’s try somewhere else.”  My biggest red flag was after their most recent food scandals, they never did answer the questions that people posed.  Does anyone else remember the commercials where they insisted their food was real & they’d address each and every question?  Do you remember the big box in the street where people were asking McDonald’s about their food?  We do.  We don’t remember seeing the answers.  Do you?
Oh yeah, I’m still mad with Wendy’s!!

Don’t Get Shoved in a Box!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post.  Many of you know I own a business or two (www.thejewelryladystore.com being my favorite).   I look to serve many types of people with different tastes.  But they all must like one thing: jewelry.  In an effort to serve my followers, I’ve come across many different blogs.  One “blogging rule” I saw broken often was:  Pick one topic.  Only blog about that one topic.

source: evelynkalinoskycoaching . com/bbtoolkit/

source: evelynkalinoskycoaching . com/bbtoolkit/

Having more than one focus will confuse your readers about your focus.  (Side vent:  I found that insulting as a reader, by the way.  Oh, so now I can’t find what I want to read about and click a button?  Please!)

Well anyway, that concept of “one focus” gave me a revelation:  who the heck only focuses on one thing?  I know I don’t.  The phone is beeping, kids asking questions, husband looking for grown folk time & my students sending me emails.  All the while, I just want to take a break to go pee.  Just being real!  So when I thought about my blog, I was like:  why not focus on parenting, marriage, business & food?  That’s what I’m blogging about anyway!  Well, not too much on marriage, but it’s coming.  So I’m going to take a note from some great bloggers and break it up and shake it up.  Not only on this blog either!  I’m going to do it on my fashion blog (www.thejewelrylady.co), too!

So get ready.  Well, I take that back.  You’ve already got a sneak peek into my lifestyle in that last paragraph.  Let’s just say make some tea & popcorn.  Start a book.  Read more of my previous posts.  All of these grandeur changes may take a while!  But they’re going to happen & I want you guys to hold me accountable.

Now, on to you.  Yes, you.  What are you letting people’s feelings, comments, ideas, schedules & concepts dictate in your life?  Have you done an evaluation lately?  Are you happy?  Whether it’s paint color or relationship, you’re in control of how it’s going.  Take ownership of your life & don’t get shoved in a box!

Until next time, enjoy your life!!!


Great Holiday Advice from a Friend of Mine

Hi y’all!  I’ve got a great tip.  Well, some of you may think it’s crazy, but honestly it’s a stroke of genius!  My friend Tiffany has a crazy schedule.  She teaches, is married with 2 sons & is always on the go.  Well, the other day we were enjoying some good old fashioned retail therapy in Christmas Tree Shops when she said (brace yourself):

“With my schedule, I should just skip all the other holidays and go straight to Christmas.”

I know!  The world just stopped and started spinning backwards!  But wait.  Before you pull out the eye roll, clutch the pearls or fall out of your seat, think this idea through.  She’s super busy so (after my first 3 gasps of horror and repeating her 3 times) I paused.  I rolled that thing around in my brain & realized:  IT MAKES SENSE!  Let me explain why:

  1.  We don’t do Halloween.  So there’s nothing to buy.  We may as well budget forward to Thanksgiving.
  2. Thanksgiving is a lot of food & decorations.  Unless you always go to someone else’s house.  If turkeythat’s the case, you may not even have a significant budget for Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, what’s the color scheme each year for us?  Gold, Red, Green & Orange.  Why’s that important?  I’ll tell you why!  Ditch the orange (& maybe the gold) and what’s left?  Red & green, baby!  So that means you’ve already decorated for:
  3. Christmas!!!  Yep.  So we could really save a ton of work by streamlining the decorations and the overall budget.  You can also see some cool ideas for decorations on my Christmas Pinterest board.

So what do you guys think?  Is it something that you’d do?  Or did the idea just shock you to the point of no return?  Give me some feedback.  And Tiffany, don’t choke me cuz I put your name in this post!!

pumpkins wrapped Christmas gifts Christmas_centerpiece92119622d6684218c853edf254bb6727