The Best Way to “Freshen Up” Your Home for Fall

This will be a quick little tip. I have 2 sons and a daughter. To say that the air quality has its ebbs and flows would be an understatement. So, when they come home smelling like the hundreds of school kids & staff they’ve encountered, I keep the “phew” at bay by using these little beauties:


YES!!!!! These are an awesome $3 steal!! Yes, Purex Crystals are intended for laundry use (they’re mind blowing for that too, by the way) but don’t let the good smells stop there!  I go around the house and find fun little places to put them to keep the house smelling its best. Some places are:

*In socks-(I call them sock bombs). They’re thrown in my oldest’s room like grenades to combat the puberty age, PE funk that can rear its stinky head.

*Behind curtains-out of sight, but full of fresh fragrance!
*In vases with flowers-hide your beautiful smelling little secret.


See how I hid them under the flowers?  It also keeps the little fingers from touching it.


*In candle holders-the candle is optional.  You may be able to find scents whose colors coordinate with your decor!


wpid-20150928_123933.jpgHere are some other nifty places to hide them.  You could even put them in a saucer or in a little dish like this.  See how these are a little faded looking?  It’s because it’s time to put more in!wpid-20150928_124019.jpgwpid-20150928_123917.jpgwpid-20150928_123911.jpg

Bonus tip: Just cook something like cabbage or broccoli & the doorbell rings?(Insert look of horror here)  Well, pop the cap off and hold it under your ceiling fan for about 30-45 seconds. It’ll make a WORLD or difference!

Sharing is Caring! Try this Side for Dinner Tonight: Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Sriracha Mayo

For some reason, my posts are done in the morning.  Unfortunately, it’s usually before I’ve had breakfast (which is why so many of my posts are about food).  Today is one of those days.  So when I came across this recipe I was a little ashamed to share.  However, check it out!!  This is some good looking grub!  I love oven roasted potatoes.  I’ve posted a recipe for my oven roasted wedges a while back.  Try them out.  But for now, let’s focus on this spicy treat from!
Crispy roasted potatoes garnished with finely chopped parsley and lightly seasoned with salt then served with Sriracha mayo. These crispy roasted potatoes with Sriracha mayo are delicious and a great addition to your meals.

Source: Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Sriracha Mayo

Yes, One Tiny Thing Can Make a BIG Difference!

Don’t neglect the small things. Big things come in small packages. Little people can do big things. Yep! I mjust found out how important little things can be. This post is gonna take a sidestep. Instead of being about parenting (well, blatantly about parenting, anyway) it’s gonna focus on paying attention and not overlooking small (no, speck sized) details.

I’ve battled with my new website for about 2 months. Over what? Images. Now don’t bail on me, this is actually important for you. I’ve tried to get the stinking images to be the same size. It looks like a kiddy-gartner made your website if you don’t! Not to mention that I found this out after changing the type of jewelry I carry. So I jumped a hurdle (whoo hoo!) and fell straight into a hole (dangit!!!). What could be worse? Not knowing how to fix it, that’s what.
So after trying to fix it myself for a few weeks, I finally decide to hire someone. What did I do? Gave him all the info I thought was correct. But I found out this morning that I was off by ONE NUMBER. Big deal, right? Oh yeah. HUGE DEAL.

Since I’m not ashamed (and I want to help you future online salespeople out) I’ll show you what the big deal is.


Just looking at this reminds me of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is doing its own thing, one of these things is not the same”.  Remember that one?  So anyway, I finally put those math degrees to work & (after following the instructions on the video) figured out where I went wrong.  I fixed it and within the next 2 days, my site will be a piece of art again (just not in cubism).

So where in your life has a tiny thing made a huge difference?


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What’s For Dinner Tonight?

I’m hungry.  I’m excited for dinner.  What’s for dinner at the Joyner’s?  Something super fast & super yummy!  Here’s my formula:

1 crock pot of ribs + baked potatoes + a green salad=a happy family


I went to Harris Teeter last week and got a whole bunch of country style ribs & pork roast.  Always be on the lookout for mis-marked items.  They gave me about 4 pounds of meat for free for bringing it to their attention!  I love their customer service.  Other places should adopt their practices.  Oh yeah, back to the meal.  We don’t usually eat pork too much, but it was time for a menu change.  So, ribs it was!  I washed them, seasoned them well (no salt though because they’d be bbq’d) & plopped them into the pot.wpid-20150901_110717.jpg

This is my crock pot.  As you can see by the missing handle, it’s been through a lot!  But I love the buttons.  My other crock pot (God rest its soul) only had an off/hi/med dial.  I like the push buttons better.  It died mysteriously when the liner completely cracked in two.  I have 3 suspects…

I also have a roaster, but I’m not sure how much better it’ll work than the crock pot.  I need to dig it out and give it a chance.  Has anyone used a roaster?  Well either way, I’d say it has some big shoes to fill.  Check out what my baby can do!wpid-20150901_110749.jpg

Yes.  That is super yummy, delectably juicy, fall off the bone, tender succulent rib goodness.  Wipe your mouth, you’re drooling!  These were cooked for 12 hours on low.  I usually cook 4 hours on high.  I must say that there wasn’t any difference in the turnout.  So that’s good news!

Well, at the last moment I had to change the menu from baked potatoes to mashed.  I forgot the children had a dental appointment today.  So…soft food is the way we’ll go tonight.

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?