Back to School Tips!

I've got to share some tips with you that'll get the front end of the school year off to a good start (you can also find these along with hundreds of other tips in Chapters 2 & 3 of my book).  They've saved us year after year!  Ready?  Ok, let's go! Family Calendar I'm sure … Continue reading Back to School Tips!

How My Children Saved My Business

I know you must be wondering how that could be the case. It's true, though. They saved my business! I'm an author, but I'm also an entrepreneur.  If you've followed me a while you've heard me mention my business, The Jewelry Lady.  I've owned this retail store (initially online & now a storefront as well) … Continue reading How My Children Saved My Business

Small Change, Big Difference!

Hi! I hope you're doing well!  I've realized something.  There are indicators that change needs to come.  Sometimes we've waited for change to happen and we really need to make a change ourselves.  The indicator?  It's when you've felt it forever and tried to work around it, ignore it or trudge through it expecting the … Continue reading Small Change, Big Difference!