Monday Mom Tip: A Great Rainy Day Game

You learn so much about your children when you take time to play with them.  I work from home and for someone else, so separating those modes takes dedication.  But when I invest time in my children, the payoff is limitless!  Yesterday my middle child made up a scavenger hunt.  But not the usual type.  This one was TOTALLY AWESOME!  You had to do the hunt in order of the food chain from lowest to highest.  It may have seemed easy, but it wasn’t.  You didn’t know all of the animals or plants involved and then you’d get something out of order, forget where you saw what…oh it was GREAT!  The best part was, he made it up!  So here’s how he did it.

My middle child is very rustic, so he took half sheets of paper & wrote the name of the animal.  Then he drew his (very rustic) picture of it.  He randomly placed them throughout the house.  Then all it took was ready, set, go!

Well, one thing I learned is why humans are at the top of the chain.   We have no problem adapting at a moments notice.  I lost the first time because I didn’t quite get the gist of the game.  The second loss was because SOMEBODY cheated and taped the lion, the top of the food chain for our game, UNDER A TABLE!  (that was his little adaptation)  After that loss, I decided I’d had enough.  I played dirty.  Well, let’s just say I went primal and took no prisoners.  At the starting sound, I ran around and took all of the animals I could find.  Every. One.  So what happened?  My oldest child was missing the bottom of the food chain and the middle was missing the top.  With me taking the majority, they were bound to come up short.  So what did we learn?



If you decide you want to play, here’s how:

1.  Find at least 10 animal pictures.  They can be from drawings, magazine cutouts, the Headbandz game (lots of animals in that one) or those animal flash cards

2.  Post them randomly around your house.  If you decide to use tape you can use clear/Scotch tape or painter’s tape.  People will be running around yanking at them, so yeah.  It helps to use small pieces.

3.  Be sure everyone understands the rules.  You can use the ones my son used or make up your own!  I won’t lie, finding them in proper order was so hard.  Plus, we didn’t have anyone checking, so who knows if one of us cheated!  We had a judge, but she was too busy giggling to be reliable.

4.  Have fun!

I hope you enjoy your family.  I’ll be sharing more fun games and activities I’m sure.  If you want more fun ideas, check out my Kiddies board on Pinterest.  It’s full of all kinds of stuff like games, foods, organization tips & more!  So as always,

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Monday Mom Tip: Kitchen Organization

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great Father’s Day!  I wanted to share a few organization ideas for your kitchen that have served my family well over the years.  Here we go!

1.  Keep it fragrant

Nothing makes us happier than coming home to a clean smelling house.  Or at least one that smells pleasant.  So here’s my tip:  Use a candle, candle warmer with a jar candle, plug ins, scentsy or other method of adding scent to your home.  I even remember growing up with those vent sachets.  They still sell them!  You can even make your own blend with potpourri, essential oils, dryer sheets or washcloths (use the unsightly ones) saturated with your favorite scent.  Every time the furnace or a/c comes on, your home will get a burst of freshness.  I keep a bucket of all kinds of scents in our hall closet so if we want a change, everything is nearby.  Grab the basket, pick one out, plop the rest back in, return to closet.  Done.


My current method of choice is this mug warmer with a glass dish.


It’s usually pretty hidden, so its aesthetic isn’t an issue.  It allows me to add more fragrance at almost any time.  Instead of only being able to use 1 or 2 cubes, I can use 4-6.  Also, I can put essential oils and not worry about blowing a candle out.  I won’t admit how long this has been plugged up, but let’s just say it’s been a long, long….long time!  I got the cubes from Wally World for about $2.  Dollar General & Dollar Tree also have them.

2.  Keep it organized.

20150515_125658See the little thing in between my counter cleaner and the hand sanitizer?  Not the placemat, the other thing.  Well, sadly I don’t know what it’s supposed to be used for (probably dips for a party or something) but my children use it for their cups.  Yep, no more arguments about whose cups are whose, where’s my cup, etc.  Cool, huh?  The best thing was I got it last year at $1.5 with 90% off!  Yuuup 15 cents, baby!!!


The other great thing is that I clean the counter much less because glass dibbles run down into the wells.  You can squirt each well with foam soap or dish detergent or just throw it in the dishwasher.  We’ve had this one for over 2 years and it hasn’t cracked, faded or started peeling.  I also like how the gold place mats coordinated with it.  Bonus!


3.  Keep it out of sight

I love cookie jars.  And guess what?  They’re not just for cookies any more!  I use these to keep my loose teas, secret stashes of hot chocolate, Teavana pink sugar and my ginger tea (for the grumpy time of the month-just being real).  There’s other stuff in there, but I don’t even remember any more.  So sad, but that’s how good they are for keeping things out of sight and out of mind.  The 2 smaller ones are airtight, so they’re great for keeping things fresh.  And the children don’t go into them because they never see me put cookies in there.  There’s a see through cookie jar for that!20150515_125721

I hope you found these tips helpful.  I’ll be back next time with some other cool stuff to share.  If you’d like to see more, check out my facebook page.  If you’d like about 100 more tips, pick up my book on Amazon!

He’s Lost His Mind, People!

Sooooo, I’m talking to the husband the other day and there seems to be something on his mind.  He wants me to finish painting the bathroom!  OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Stop it.  Just STOP IT!  I am not up for that!  *Side note:  you know the list of about 17 things that you shouldn’t say to people (especially if you’re publicizing that you’re a Christian)?  Yeah, the top 5 quickly came to mind.  But I didn’t say them!  But he did get the side eye and about 7 faces that you make at people you don’t like.

That was a few days ago.  So I’d let it go and moved on, hoping he’d forget about it.  I wake up, pick up my phone & what’s there?  Someone liked one of my Pinterest pins.  Me being nosy, I wanted to see what it was.  You nosy too?  Ok, I’ll indulge you.  Here it was:


I guess I should be grateful that God took the time to make sure I’d see this.  I can’t say that was my initial, honest reaction.  But when I started reading the article (yeah I read it!) I was pleasantly surprised!  There’s a product called Frog Tape that has a special sealant that’ll block out the paint.  I’ve hear of Frog Tape, but not for over 5 years.  So I think I’ll give it a try.  Their walls turned out great, so I’ve got great expectations for mine!  Oh, if you want to see the product in action, check out this blog.   By the way, they left their edges looking crazy for FIVE YEARS!  I don’t feel so bad now!  Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids!

Living the Mom Life: Bathroom Makeover Part 2

Hey, you decided to come back!  Either you love laughing with me or at me.  Either way, I’ll take it.  So…the second part of my remodel was supposedly going to be the easy part.  It was just a simple wall patch.

First, let’s start with some background info.  I have 3 children.  Yes, these types of stories always have their roots in children.  The oldest is 14, the middle is 10 and the youngest is 8.  This particular day I’d heard them running around like billy goats on crack.  You know, bumping, banging, laughing, squealing at the top of their lungs.  All the stuff that makes you want to move away without leaving a forwarding address.  They just want the fridge and the house anyway, right??

So I get up to approach the foolishness and they scatter.  Well, not before the oldest chases the middle into the bathroom and I hear an awful sound.  A horrid crunch that resulted in this:20150515_110655Doesn’t look that bad, right?  Well, that pic was from a few feet away.  This is what it looked like up close:

20150515_110700Yeah………..someone was gonna get it (the jury was out about what “it” was gonna be, but it was sure to be epic!)

You’d think this would just get the oldest 2 in trouble (they were the ones running around after each other, after all).  But nope.  It’s never that simple.  See, I watch CSI, Castle, Forever, Elementary and am delivered from watching Scandal.  Child, I know when to dig deeper to find out the real facts.  No, it wasn’t just an isolated incident this time.  A former crime had been committed that led up to this event.  Do you ever notice these little doohickies in your house? 20150515_110704Well, let’s just say it’s all fun and games until one of these bad boys gets missing.  And yes, that’s exactly what happened.  My daughter (God bless and keep her) decided to go around the house collecting them!  Then when she was told to put them back, she gouged a few holes and the durn things wouldn’t stay in.  (she was probably around 7 years old then-her righty-tighty lefty-loosy skills were a bit wonky)

So now I was stuck with a hole in the wall.  My first action?  Inform the hubby.  My husband was so upset that he said nothing.  Didn’t reply, react or even flinch.  He’s the type who gets rustled about small things, so with this level of foolishness I knew the mushroom cloud was coming by his lack of response.

So I decided to save the children.  Well, at least my wall.  So after about a month of forgetting to get the kit from Walmart (I loathe-no, LOATHE Walmart), I picked up a kit.

20150515_110710  20150515_121256

Cool!  I got a kit for less than $10 and was in and out and back home to finish the job.  It was also great because they had everything included that I needed!  Now at this point I must apologize for not having many pictures.  The reason?  This stuff is MESSY!!!  Like making biscuits by hand, messy.  I dared not pick up my phone or I’d be calling the insurance department to report a mishap!  Anyway, there are only 4 instructions and they went pretty quickly.  Here are the shots I did manage to get after I washed all the goop off my hands:

 20150515_130736  20150515_131041

Looks good, huh?  I thought so too, until I glimpsed…


Then zoomed in on…


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  FOR TEXTURED WALLS???  THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET?!  Oh Lord…well, it looks like it’ll be another 30 days before I trudge into Wally world to get that.  At least it doesn’t look too bad.  Ugh, I HATE Walmart!

Oh well, until next time…try not to kill your kids before they turn 18!


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Living the Mom Life: Bathroom Makeover Part I

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and share my bathroom makeover.  Why, you ask?  Why not?  Ok, it’s full of hilarity and general foolishness that I hope to help you avoid.  Let’s get started. *(Disclaimer:  You may find foul language in this post such as crap, dangit, poopit, UUUUUGHHHH & my favorite, craaaaaaap!  I ask for your forgiveness in advance.  Thanks!)

The object of this project was this:  to match these two things by using an accent wall.

20150515_102703 20150515_102514

As you can see,  I like lime green.
Next, here’s a little life lesson.  Don’t paint in white clothing.


This is what I had on before I noticed I was being covered in little green dots:


This is what I decided on after:


And YEAH, I kept my earrings on!  Diva level is 24/7…(she says as you laugh at her Martha Washington looking satin bonnet)

1.  Always take before pics.  Why?  So you can see how well (or crappy-see?  We’re off to a rolling start with the bad words-your work turned out.)  The problem?  I didn’t take a before picture of the wall.  I don’t even know if I have a picture of my bathroom.  I’ll just say this-you didn’t miss anything.  Textured, cream boring walls.  Oh wait, here’s a snippet of before…

20150515_110756See how exciting?  Ok, I think you get the point…next!

2.  Always be sure to have PLENTY of wall color.  Why?  So you don’t have to change out of crazy looking clothes 20150515_111018 into normal looking clothes.  Let’s just say I had to make a trip because my 8 year old daughter thought this jar was finger paint (which she decorated the carpet, walls and other places we haven’t discovered yet) and had me running a little low.  Not only that, but she was nice enough to turn it to the front where it was all nice and clean


so I wouldn’t be bothered with this circus (which would have raised a huge red flag) on the back:


3.  Assume nothing (refer to pictures above).  Don’t think this is going to deter children:

20150515_102519As soon as I turned my back, there was a big green splotch of paint on a wall THAT I WASN’T GOING TO PAINT!  Let’s just say that there was a family discussion about it and move on to the next tip.  Oh yeah,

4.  Check everything.  Tape, stir sticks, paint pan, drop cloth, brushes, extra tubs for when you have little kid fits & walk away for 30 minutes.  You know, everything.  Why?  Because if you don’t, you’ll find stuff like this.


What’s that, you ask?  It’s a tiny crack.  No big deal, right?  Until you turn it sideways and see it for the San Andreas fault it REALLY IS!!


Seriously Walmart?  You had one job.  Sell non-broken stuff.  Jeez Louise!!!  But it’s ok.  I had some life skills to call on in this troubling hour.  So now enters the duck tape.  Fixes everything from cracks to car bumpers (seeing that always gives me a laugh riding down the highway.)  Ok, FOCUS!  I pull out the duck tape and get to work.


You may think this was overkill, but my walls and floors and general level of sanity are at stake here, people!  All drama queenery aside, it worked.  I put on 2 layers on each side to make sure it didn’t seep through.  And true to duck tape’s reputation, it stuck and stayed and worked like a charm!  🙂

20150515_1026525.  Taping the walls.  Here’s where the really bad language starts.  Who thought textured walls were a good idea?  Seriously, it looks like a little kid went wild with toothpaste and left it to dry.  Then they painted over it.  Next house, no textured walls.  I’ll probably change my mind.  But right now, I’m not happy about them!!  Let me tell you, in hell there must be textured walls that you have to paint.  I mean it’s just ridiculous.  I taped thinking I was following all the rules, being a good Christian homeowner, just to be shown that I too could fall prey to the textured wall mockery.  I taped, retaped, smeared down, pushed down and guess what happened.  You know it!  It bled.20150515_130149  And not just a little bit.  Bled like a stuck pig doing jumping jacks.  Ok, not that bad.  But enough to make me think of putting a line of Elmer’s glue around the edges and throwing gold glitter on it!  I may have to get a squeegee and a q-tip to get those corners, y’all!

20150515_110339And who even came up with this part of the wall behind the door?  I ain’t painting that!

Once I pulled the tape off I was…disgusted.  Until I talked to my Mom.  She said she’d had the same issue.  She said to get one of those corner painting thingies.  Or, oooh oooh!  Google it, honey!  Let’s just say she got the side eye for all that helpful advice.  Anyway, I moved on to cleanup and was super careful not to track green paint down our lovely cream carpeted hallway.  I know my hubby’s glad about that.

Ok, here’s the last thing I learned.  Ready?

JUST PAY SOMEBODY FOR PETE’S SAKE!  It’s not worth it.  I was expecting this great feeling of accomplishment.  Well, it must’ve gotten lost in the mail cuz it never came!  But truth be told, I like my “sassy green” colored wall and I’m glad I at least gave it a shot.  Now on to other craziness…      20150515_110939            Up next (if I can gather the courage to relive it), how to patch a hole in the wall.  20150515_110700Mmmm hmmmm…..
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