Monday Mom Tip: Embrace the New

As I get more experience in this life, I've had to learn to embrace the new nouns.  New people, new places & new things.  Fortunately, I'm the type of person who likes the new.  My problem?  Knowing when to (& how to) let go of the old.  Recently I've had a big change in my … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Embrace the New

I Need YOUR Tips! Summer Day Trips

I'm gonna be off for the summer soon (If my boss doesn't call me in to work over the summer-wouldn't be the first time) & I need places in NC (or near the NC/VA state line) to take my children for day trips.  I'd like for them to be fun, educational, complete veg-out spots or … Continue reading I Need YOUR Tips! Summer Day Trips

Monday Mom Tip: Handling Adjustments

This week is gonna be something else.  It'll be the first time in a year that I have my days off back.  Yes, A YEAR, PEOPLE!!  It's been a year since I opened my own jewelry store (The Jewelry Lady).  Since I'm shifting my hours from 12p-2p to 5p-7p, it opens the entire day back … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Handling Adjustments

Rest and You’ll See!

Worn?  Frazzled?  Squirrely even?  Well just stop.  Be still and do nothing.  Yep.  Do the exact opposite of what you think you should be doing.  When you're in a tizzy you're not thinking, hearing or managing properly.  So take a chill pill and take a step back.  Once you do, you'll be able to gauge … Continue reading Rest and You’ll See!