Why You’re Not Getting “It”

I was fussing at my child this morning (yeah, I admit it-I fuss sometimes) when I realized the instruction I was giving her was the exact point that God was trying to make to me.  She was told to do one of those everyday process (that it in my mind, should not have required much thought,  energy or … Continue reading Why You’re Not Getting “It”

Are You Asking God For Something You Already Have?

This morning I wanted to enjoy some morning cool air.  It's been hot and muggy in Greensboro & I wanted to sit on the porch before the sun started ramping up.  Well, I had one small snag in my plan.  I have 3 chairs on my porch that an abundance of spiders sit in gratefully. … Continue reading Are You Asking God For Something You Already Have?

Are You Random or a Victim of the 80/20 Rule?

Hi y'all.  I'm having a moment of clarity.  Today I got phone calls, emails, IMs, etc. asking me to do things.  Now just to shed some light on the amount of work I do (with my part time working self), I've been called "the hardest working least employed person" some have ever met.  Yes, I work part … Continue reading Are You Random or a Victim of the 80/20 Rule?

It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

Yes I know you just love the grammar in that title! Lol However, that's not the point! I was sitting on my porch this morning and was just looking and thinking. It was very early and still cool. As I was sitting there, I was looking at the state of my front yard. It's not … Continue reading It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

Yeah, I can spell.  I know the difference between "or" and "oar".  However, one is a tool and the other can be a hindrance.  When God told us to start a business, we were quick to approach God with "Father, we heard you, but it's gotta be this way to work or that way to … Continue reading Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

Why Moms Are Crazy & Easily Provoked

One thing my husband used to say that really rattled my cage was, “Baby, those kids have completely destroyed your mind! With every kid we’ve had, you’ve lost more of your mind.” Shoot, what did he expect? I went from remembering my stuff (when I was single), to remembering our stuff (when we got married), … Continue reading Why Moms Are Crazy & Easily Provoked

Do We “Erase” Our Children?

I had an interesting moment. I went to wash my hands with my favorite new discovery, French milled lavender soap! But what did I find on my little treasure? Someone had taken their little fingernail and engraved a smiley face in my new soap!! >:-( Yeah, I meant every bit of that super frowny face! Well, … Continue reading Do We “Erase” Our Children?

When good plans go bad

Don't you just love it when you have this great idea, great way to implement it, all the supplies you need, do it & then it fails? Yeah, I don't either. Well I encountered a similar situation this morning. It was a very simple plan. I've reorganized my office so that it actually works no matter … Continue reading When good plans go bad