I Took My Daughter’s Closet Away Today

I’d had it.  Completely fed up.  About to pop.  The crime?  The state of my daughter’s room.  The culprit?  My precious baby girl.  The motive?  To avoid putting away all clothes & toys by stuffing them in her closet.  The verdict?  The closet had to go.

Yeah, I said it!  That closet had to go!  Enough stuffing, hiding, piling & avoiding.  I drug everything out & I even took closetdown her little tension bar (I put it there so she could hang her clothes up-what a fool I was).  Then I shut the door.  The only one allowed to put anything in there is me until further notice.

How did she feel about it?  Her jaw dropped & her eyes bulged, then when reality really hit, she pouted so hard that her bottom lip drug the floor.  Oh well!  Mommy is happy.  She got her way for quite a while, though.  She got to be an complete little disgust-o for a long time before Mommy torched her little plan.

So what now?  Well, we had 2 extra clothes racks similar to this one from Target.  I had taken out the lower poles to make it about 3 feet tall.  That way, my middle child could use it in his obnoxiously long closet.  You gotta love it.  It’s about 2 1/2 feet wide (too small for a tension bar I had) & 7 feet wide.  Apparently the designer didn’t have 4ft tall kids.  Anyway, I’d put both of them in his closet.  I went to see how much I’d have to reconfigure, and to my shock, he had a bunch of clothes on one & 1 pair of khakis & 5,000 hangers on the other rack!  So I pilfered it & put it in my daughter’s room.

Then the pain began.  The smelling of all of her clothes to separate clean from dirty.  If you’ve read my book, How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18, you know this directly opposes Mom Law!  But she had a runny nose, so the task fell on my innocent nose.  Anyway, it took forever.  Not to mention, all of this occurred this morning between 6 & 7 this morning!!  Somehow, the sorting got done.

When she got home we worked on it again.  So now it’s done.  The closet is vacant & all her items are neatly put away, but in her view.  So we’ll see how this works out.  Pray y’all!  If this doesn’t work out, I may just get radical!

What crazy (or not so crazy) thing have you done to keep your child’s room clean?