Meet the Author!! Dec. 6 from 5-6:30 at Deep Roots Market

In the Greensboro area?  YOU'RE INVITED! To order your copy today on Amazon, click the picture above. If you'd like to reserve an autographed copy, reply below, use my contact page or email me at  See you there! To learn more about Deep Roots Market, click here----->      

Up at 2am, sneaking ham…

  Yep.  I'm up at this ridiculous hour & I don't even know why!  I guess it's because I fell out on the bed asleep at 8pm.  Or it may have been the ham in the crock pot saying "Come get meeeee...I'm so tastyyyy" lol!  Either way, I'm up.  I'm thinking about the events this … Continue reading Up at 2am, sneaking ham…


I hope you enjoy time with family, friends & the Father today! #Bethankful

Week 2 Hip Hop Abs Challenge! Day 1

Hey everyone, If you're trying this challenge with me, I hope you're enjoying the results as much as I am!  I have lost THREE (3) INCHES doing the week 1 challenge & I'm NOT STOPPING!  I'm on week 2 & I started a new video, Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt Part I.  I can immediately … Continue reading Week 2 Hip Hop Abs Challenge! Day 1

“I Can’t Take it Anymore!” Workout results!!!!

Hi everyone!! First, let me say thanks to all the people who chimed in & shared their experiences with this stress & weight loss issue.  I have finished my challenge as of today & I have some stunning news to report! I want to start by revealing some history.  I was super skinny coming out … Continue reading “I Can’t Take it Anymore!” Workout results!!!!

I Can’t Take it Anymore!

Before we go on, let me get some legal stuff out of the way: *Disclaimer-I am not a medical professional.  This is what I AM TRYING.  This is by no means a suggestion or advice on how to take care of your body.  Please consult your physician or medical professional before making changes to your … Continue reading I Can’t Take it Anymore!

Confession: The Crazy Old Lady Was Right All Along!

When I was growing up, my mom would call herself a "crazy old lady".  Then again, she'd call her mom that, too!  Even though that may seem like a derogatory saying, she'd say it with respect.  It was usually in phrases like, "That crazy old lady outsmarted me again!" or "Little girl, you better listen … Continue reading Confession: The Crazy Old Lady Was Right All Along!

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

Thank you to all the men & women who have given their livesso that we can experiencethe level of freedomwe have in the United States. We appreciate your sacrifice & sayTHANK YOU!!!