Have you had the time management talk?

I had a great talk with my oldest son this morning.  His concern?  He'd been back to school for 2 days now & wasn't getting much video game time in.  I decided to control every part of me that wanted to scoff, give him the "mama eyebrow" or the "so sad for you" face (below).  … Continue reading Have you had the time management talk?


Today is the first day of school & it's so exciting!!  I had a feeling yesterday that we were not 100% ready, but let's be real.  It's too late now & today's the day!  I've been wide awake since at least 3am, not in anticipation of this day, but thinking & praying.  Even though my … Continue reading FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

Be CLEAR when speaking with your staff

When you are attempting to explain to your staff what you mean by professional attire, business casual or casual attire, do they get it?  In other words, are you just talking at them? Only getting just a little overlap of thought? (they kind of get it, but still aren't quite hitting the mark) Or are … Continue reading Be CLEAR when speaking with your staff

Best Shower Cleaning Discoveries EVER!!

I just entered into a new era of cleaning in my house.  We've discovered a new item & we will never go back to our old way of cleaning.  OK, I'll get to it.  I know the suspense is just killing you! A pot scrubber! Not that amazing, you say?  Keep reading... One day on … Continue reading Best Shower Cleaning Discoveries EVER!!

10 Time Snatching Tips for Moms

Moms are overachievers by nature.  The person who is the hub of the home and the manager of the household is surely a living, breathing phenomenon!  So how can I help you get more out of your day?  Here are some moments of time you may be missing out on. 1.  Nap Time Nap time="What … Continue reading 10 Time Snatching Tips for Moms